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FO x 3 Baby Sweaters

April 4th, 2007

After attending meetings all morning, followed by the “wonderful” experience of getting my DA Photo updated I was more than willing to stop at the mailroom on the way home. Of the packages, one was for me – some really neet stitch markers that I had ordered from Zero on Esty in tiny sizes to work on my sock needles.

Audio Books

Kirsten mentioned LibriVox. A lovely site similar to Project Gutenberg, devoted to creating and making available as audio files, all books currently in the U.S. public domain. Solely with the use of volunteer readers, the site already has an extensive collection available. I downloaded a couple of books. The quality of the reading varies, but it is a great opportunity to listen to some of the classics as well as volunteer if you are a good reader.


It has been a long evening, but a highly productive one. I finished the last two Back-Zip baby sweaters. The yarn is Siena-Stripes, a washable merino from Rödel, 125m/50gm. The pattern is found at Fiber Trends – CH39 and takes 3 balls of the multi-color and one of contrast knit on my 4.0 mm ebony needles. I had sewed in the 9″ zippers with the opening on the bottom. On the two previous I had used a 12″ zipper and had to double over the ends. This time I just closed up the back a small amount and left the tabs long at the bottom.
Back-Zip Baby Sweaters Back-Zip Baby Sweaters
Then there is the Half-Circle Baby Sweater by Shibuiknits. It is done and sewn together. I am not as pleased with it as I could be, and probably will wash and block it. My daughter thinks it looks better than the model because she likes the pink and the stripes. The yarn is Siena-Stripes, a washable merino from Rödel, 125m/50gm. The yarn is Siena-Stripes, a washable merino from Rödel, 125m/50gm and took a bit more than five balls. Part of the yarn issue was my desire to match stripes.
Half Circle Cardigan
I also finished up the first Horcrux Sock today and cast on the second.
First Horcrux Sock
Which means I am running out of excuses to not pick up my Chinese Red Vest which I have promised to do this month. I still have the first Niagara Falls sock on the needles from Chameleon Colorworks.


The oldest dropped by to use a sewing machine. It is baby quilt time, and she found some wonderful fabric.
Bright Baby QUiltBaby Quilt Detail

It is getting late, and I am already sick of Matzah.


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