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Thank you, Telekom

May 5th, 2007

Once more we are having DSL problems. This time around the phone is working, so there is a connection into the house. And all of the computers connect just fine with the router. But the Fritz-box says that there is no DSL coming in. And it is right.  Since I had to go over to Heidelberg Hospital and check something for work, figured to maximize the use of the medical library computer.


May Day, pattern by Anni of Sockamania
maydaydone.jpgMay Day fraternal toes
They are knit in STR. This particular colorway is Lemon Grass. As is common for many of my sock pairs, they are fraternal rather than identical. The leg and instep were knit on 2,75mm needles, the heel, sole and foot after the first repeat on 2,5mm needles.
Remember I was thinking about alternatives to lengthwise knit for the second sock? Top on the list was a fairisle method so that the columns would run vertically, just like the other sock. After a provisional cast-on and some calculations about numbers of stitches I had a sample.
And then had the blinding flash of the obvious. Rows of purls and columns of purls are different. If I stack them in fairisle, all they are going to do is disappear into the fabric. They are not going to stand out. Why we use purl stitches to frame cables and to make the elements around them stand out. Short frog later, I restarted with the younger sib version. The direction of the pattern is 90 degrees from the other sock, but the integrity of the shadow is preserved.
Since this is going to still be a somewhat fussy knit, I decided that I needed something quick. Out came a skein of Claudia’s Handpainted in Roasted Chilli. Since the ball winder seemed to be somewhere else, the nostepinde that I purchased from Jim Childs of Hatchtown Farms came out of the basket. After winding the yarn, I started with Mai in der Tanz from my SKL. Given that I am knitting on 3,75 mm needles, I would be making rapid progress even if it were not being turned into an ankle length sock.


Audio Books

Detouring off from JD Robb for the moment, Stephanie Plum is starring on the car CD for the last couple of days. Funny is good when you are caught in traffic. And I do prefer the CD to wearing a head set while driving.

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  1. May 6th, 2007 at 01:01 | #1

    More gorgeous socks! I listened to an Ian Rankin novel last weekend and have been slogging through eight disks of James Patterson. I keep falling asleep though! Lucky I am not driving!!

  2. May 6th, 2007 at 09:17 | #2

    Your socks just look gorgeus! I like the patterns and the colours very much. And Telekom… well… it’s a bit like Big Brother (watching you, but not working in a satisfying way)

  3. May 7th, 2007 at 15:55 | #3

    Hallo Holly,

    Deine Lemongrass sind wunderwunderschön und auch die anderen Socken auf Deinen Nadeln sehen so toll aus. :o)

    einen lieben Gruß an Dich

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