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Field Duty – Graf spots

June 6th, 2007

Shapes repeat across the landscape in early morning. Some peaks for the body, some for the spirit.

It has kicked off, the Mission Readiness Exercise for 1AD. Rather than being a rated exercise, this is designed to help a unit find the holes in their policies and procedures and fix them before deploying. There is also the small issue of the non-reality of exercise play while the real world continues over-laid on the actions being handled.

I am hoping to be able to get out and upload pictures again tomorrow.

Over all, we are working well together. With the way the shifts are running, I should be able to even make Shrek 3 at 2000.


I am around the corner on second pink/orange stripe sock of the pair that I started yesterday
Broken Rib
Then it will be back to the Rib on the side and deciding what comes next. I have some lovely tiger colorway, a multi-color blue, and then…. I really should get back to Sockapalooza!

Audio Books

I have listend through Nora Robert’s Eastern Shore Trilogy plus Chesapeake Blue. And have started on Evanovich’s Thanksgiving. I have to pull the other five cases out of the car and start loading them. It is so nice to have choices.


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