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Field Duty – running full out

June 11th, 2007

Everyone has returned from the pause. Those who were released to go home for graduation ceremonies this weekend are back at their desks, along with all of those who spent the weekend out on the various firing ranges and tables. Everyone has dried out from the rain that blew through.

There are SIGACTs being handled in all sections and everyone is extremely busy. I am winding down as I head back home tomorrow.

Audio Books

The aid station was a lovely place last evening. Fairly quiet and lots of electrical outlets, staying light outside till almost 2200.
I managed to save the last Rex Stout, Nicolas Sparks’ Three Weeks with my Brother and Jonathan Rosen’s Joy Comes in the Morning. Of course, everyone around me thought I was nuts. They could not hear the last of my saved Lime & Violet Podcasts.


The African River Bend socks are finished. Anni creates wonderful patters and participating in Sockamania has been a trip. Now if I can just get my pictures to post, I will be happy. These were knit in Merino/Tencel sock weight on 2,5 mm needles in colorway Tiger.
Hence the name change.
African River Bend


Liliac is such a wonderful color for Tulips. But the gauge is too tight. Or, the gauge may be perfect, but my sockpal is never going to be able to get these on. Do you think I can get her to shrink her feet?
Rather than drive farther down the socks, I decided to try out a skein of Apple Blossum Loüet Gems.
Tulip Detail BackTulip Detail Front
Here is the Back and Front, just to refresh your memory. That first sock will fit a 7″ ankle. And just how many of us have legs that tiny?

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  1. June 12th, 2007 at 11:59 | #1

    But they are sooo beautiful. Lucky sock pal!

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