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Cruising Bookstores

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There is absolutely no logic to how AAFES puts paperbacks on the shelves. The craft books are normally in the correct section as are the cookbooks. But fiction? Your guess is as good as mine. What that means is that you have to check the romance, fantasy/sci fi and general fiction areas on every trip. There is no telling which author is going to be filed where. Oh, yes – and mysteries. I find the strangest things in the mystery/adventure area. Certainly not the thrillers -they are in general fiction. The only thing that seems to be consistent is that all horror is in the general fiction area.

Urban Fantasy? It varies, depending on the author. Audio books, rarely. Literary works? Not in this lifetime. Marginal on magazines and comics. Even so, it is obviously the best priced local bet for English language books. The library is good for buying hardcover. Unfortunately, much of what I want to read is out only in paperback.

So I really have no clue as to why we wound up cruising the discount places on line. It is not like we don’t have a few thousand books in the house. I have numerous books which I have not yet read, and many to spin on the CD player. But the kids seem to be out of books. The library has a limited section in teens and otherwise it is going to be hours in the attic looking for books.


Little has taken place today. I drove my van for a few short errands. My original opinion was correct, I should not be driving yet. I have only six rows to go on the Kauni before doing the steeks, but I am wiped from pain pills (driving was really not fun). Tinking a part row three times, it finally sunk in that knitting anything which I cared about was stupid.

I didn’t even try the sockapalooza.

I have closed out my shopping carts before I can do myself too much damage and will wander off.

Tomorrow I will have my camera back. Eldest and her partner took it to a VW Meet.


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