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In other news, the Chaos Quilters met tonight. There were home made Dampfnudels with vanilla sauce. There were brownies, and wonderful conversations. Plus quilts, can not forget the quilts. A first quilt, a log cabin-in-a-day, gussied up sewing basket and king-size+ complete with prairie point edging.



It was time to do the steeks. This section is the back neck steek, but it does not really matter as all are done the same way.

First to put a yarn line along the steek center.


Then to stitch along both sides. Rather than two lines of straight stitching, I have a tendency to use one of the overcast stitches on my Pfaff. If I had been really energetic, I would have pulled out the serger.


Then cut.


In case you are wondering about those flaky bits, I like to use tear-away paper on the back so that the feed-dogs don’t snag the yarn. insidekauni17juli071.jpg

Which leads me to the body, with the front, neck and back all cut.


I am now at the decision point about knitting the sleeves, then knitting them in so that I don’t have to haul the whole thing around. Or maybe I should go ahead and finish up the neck and front facings, saving the sleeves for last?

The sun went down with a rose coloured sky.


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