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Today must be about KALs and insanity.


Since I was awake this morning and the house was quite, I picked up the second Jacobean Sock from where I had dropped it last night. Not all that long later I had turned the heel and was working my way down the foot.

We had planned on leaving to pick up the dog well before noon. It was about 1000 when I realized that if we took off, I would finish the sock on the way but would be unable to post pictures. The clock stops on your entry when the pix is on the Yahoo group.


Since there was not all that much left to do – I finished them obviously.


and wound up being the 9th to finish. As of now with 16 having posted socks, the vast majority are those of us in Europe. I don’t think it is that we probably started earlier than those on the North American east coast it is just that we have this tendency to crank through what we started.


On the way to and from Schoellenbach, I finished up the Komet socks.

and then wound the next skein of sock yarn since I now have only two pairs of socks to go in the 52 pair plunge.


Thinking I would see what I wanted for the next pattern, I cruised over to the Blogger Dashboard and I remembered…

March Sweater Madness

Last year I joined a small group started by Michelle of TheSweetSheep with the commitment to knit a complete sweater in March. Miriam was the lucky person in our household and she has actually worn her blue sweater more than once.

This year, we nagged till the group revived and started again. I think we have grown from 5 to about 20. There are three patterns in worsted weight yarn to chose (all free) and I chose Mr Greenjeans from Fall Knitty. It is a nice, top down raglan cardigan that doesn’t do much for a button band. Since I never seem to button anything, it would be a waste. There are several sections of cables and ribbing.

And what is absolutely the best, I was able to pull some yarn off the shelf. The yarn has been resting since ~1995. Brunswick’s Impressions in colourway New York. It is a barely spun singles and makes a lovely, light weight fabric. I had tried it once doubled to make Bebenhausen (sweater in Knitters a long time ago) and did not like the look. But this seems to be perfect.


And yes, the needle is pink. Enameled pink Inox that I bought in Switzerland over 20 years ago. I only regret not getting all of the sizes and lengths since I haven’t seen them in over a decade.


I am stopping at the end of the yoke and will divide out the sections when I start up tomorrow.


Tomorrow it is off to two passport offices, credentials at two hospitals, the mailroom and a clinic in the afternoon. Oh, and the PX to look for a couple of birthday presents… Gee, it is all going to get in the way of my knitting!


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