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March 15th, 2008 3 comments

project I think.

The second floor of this old English house has a separate water closet (loo, toilet, WC, to hit multiple vocabularies) and bathroom. This does not explain why I was curled up on hall floor with my comforter and pillow at 0400 in the morning, or maybe it does. No clue what I ate that gifted me with cramps, but the room itself is tiny.

For a couple of hours, I just felt sorry for myself, too tired and weary to even knit. Several hours later, I was fine and determined to treat myself kindly for the rest of the day.


First Round of Sock Madness is complete. Finished – Bruised Zombies (Black and Blue). Taking breaks here and there to do exciting things like brew some tea or change DvDs in the CD drive, I closed up the toe of the second sock.


To make it official, I posted the pictures to Flickr and sent off my email to the contest mums.



I am past the armholes and have started shaping for both the arm scythes and V neck. Actually, I am stuck at the moment till I go locate another needle since there are two few stitches left to use the current one.

Books etc

Dead Zone and tried out the 4400 (which I have yet to decide about). Hero but flawed guy with his bright but socially cluesless professional partner is beginning to be a bit worn.

I have books!

Did I mention picking up the mail yesterday? Amazon and Books-a-Million came through for me.

It is not that late, but funny thing – I am wiped. Now I just need to clean tomorrow and get back to the Viking Ship and put together my Woolly Board and read and spin and …


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