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Not going to show you

March 16th, 2008 1 comment

the progress on my vest.

You see, I ran into a problem that was obvious. I am using a short of striping yarn. This is a vest knit in the round, with steeks.

I am glad I have plenty of yarn.

For you see, when I cast off for under the arms, then cast back on for steeks, the total number of stitches around dropped by about 25. As it turns out, not only did the knitting go faster and I needed a shorter needle, but the stripe pattern changed and got wider.

Obviously wider. Wider enough that it looked like I had knitted with two different lot number, the upper much darker.

That was 10 cm ripped out, the stitches replaced on the earlier need, ball of yarn changed and steeks the size of the original cast back on.

I am cheap and it feels like I am wasting yarn. I looked at alternating balls of yarn, but that would change the stripe pattern.


At least I was able to clean up the house, the kitchen, the livingroom and move an easy chair upstairs.

I think I am done knitting for the moment and will go read a book.


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