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Moonlight, Lamplight

March 19th, 2008 Comments off

It was quite this evening. The moon rising full as the sky faded into darker blues.


A clear, cold night balancing day and night as we head into spring.


(With just a tripod and an ISO setting of 800-1600, my digital camera actually does quite well.)


I am afraid that I really didn’t make much progress today. I was over taken by work, reading and the Age of Emeralds. No clue why I am having such fun building a village, but perhaps it is because it is a no pressure, mindless, relaxing activity? Not a game against a clock.


I do like the way it is looking, but Becca mentioned Firestarter as a great match of pattern name, yarn colourway and toe up. I need to do that one too!

The sky is headed for deep navy while the lamps are lightening from yellow. Time to hang it for the evening.


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