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Sidebars and other fun

March 21st, 2008 2 comments

For the last few months, I have been planning a few blog changes. This is a four-day weekend, ought to be able to do that, right?

Well, almost.

For a change, the WordPress Update to 2,5 went flawlessly. Nothing more than uploading the new files and logging on again. So far so good.

Then comes the question of themes. I am fine with the one I had, sort of. It has not been supported for over a year. The guy who did the port to WordPress is fine, it is the original theme authors who decided that it is a no go. Since I really don’t want to go there, it was time for a change. There was also this slight problem that the Nautica was not compatible with IE.

Shouldn’t be that hard to find a theme should it? Clean layout, top tabs, fluid setup, right side bar. Not all that much to ask. Didn’t mention that I don’t want black or other dark colours because they are too hard to read.

I can even write a reasonable amount of html. But I don’t write WordPress. Given that they have widgetted the sidebar, I might have to rethink themes and go back to the earlier pre-widgets where I can just easily write in the links that I want.

So yes, I know that I don’t have a sidebar. It is coming, I will get it worked out. Or the theme will change

Around here

There was chocolate, the dipping kind and some lovely clementines.
Oranges for dipping

a really needed treat to balance out this, this

and this. You can even see it coming slanting down.
Snow on 21 March

Books & Audio Books

It takes a long time to finish an audio book when all your travels are 15 minute or less. I am still on 3/4 of McNally’s Alibi.
Read today – Stranger in Paradise by Robert Parker and Strangers n Death by JD Robb. And no, it was not deliberate. I didn’t even notice the name concordance till now.


Along a walk way in London

A few weeks ago, when I was walking along in London.

Shabbat Shalom and enjoy Purim!


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