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April 30th, 2008 2 comments

Reality time

Pat sent this link to me from the New Yorker. In a very clear way, Jared Diamond makes his point about governments, tribal societies and personal/governmental roles. I have always found him to be excellent in his writings in Anthropology, using the material to make a good assessment of the current political scene.

For those of you who are having trouble understanding why the US policies are not working in the Middle East, I would strongly recommend his books and articles


In the regular mail came this from Australia.

Program book for the Beanie Festival

Hint – a beanie apparently refers to headgear in general, and not just those with propellers on top.

The Alice Springs Festival is coming up.  Kathryn sent me the program book to remind me that there are otherthings besides yarmulkas to knit. Even so, one has to wonder at the number of geographically different that have independantly developed essentially the identical headgear.The non-art versions that is.

And then there is this from Jen –

110 yards of Quivit

Lovely, brown and 110 meters just looking to become a soft and gentle project. Lace scarf I am thinking to make it go the farthest. Or perhaps a cowl? Needs just the right pattern….


Read Died in the Wool by Mary Kruger (aka Mary Kingsley). A bit light in the character development and with some gaping holes in plotting, I still found this cozy a fun and quick read. The wrap up was fine, leaving you wanting the next story in the series.

On the last CD of High Country by Nevada Barr. I appreciate a protagonist who is not in her 20s… Call me shallow, but my book tastes have been changing as I, too, have gotten older.


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Useful blogging stuff

April 29th, 2008 1 comment

If you have been looking for % bars – let me recommend the elegant solution by Yarn Tomato. A simple script makes bars in the colour and % of your choice. Her explanations are clear and easy to follow. She also provides links to where you can find the code for the particular colour that you want.

For straight text buttons – there is Adam Kalsey’s Button Maker. There are several commercial packages out there (read, costs money).

For those of you who want to support Ravelry for the great work they are doing – head to the site and make a donation. As proof – well – Angeluna has made some great Ravatars for your button pleasure.

A slightly nutty but fun group of people who like Icons can be found at IconBuffet. A free site where you can register, send, receive and otherwise play with icons. They also have stock Icons for sale, not surprisingly. I have been contemplating cranking up the graphics program and creating a set of knitting/spinning/weaving icons.

That is, of course if I was any good at graphics programs.

It has been another quiet day. Major meeting at work, other wise just piddly things.

Didn’t turn on news, radio, audio book or DvD. Didn’t knit either.  Just read a couple of quick books and conking off to sleep.

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Did I leave?

April 28th, 2008 Comments off

Hard to tell, coming back in on a Monday.

There are a few emails in my work box, a couple more in my pseudo-work email account. There is a spindle of CDs that I need to finish burning. Some papers I need to write.

It is raining, there is no heat in my house (don’t need it anymore), and the fridge is as empty as when I left.

grumpy here. I think we all have these kind of days.

Finished a couple of books and went to bed early. Might even go back to knitting tomorrow.


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Sock Madness – Round 5

April 27th, 2008 1 comment

In which I get extremely frustrated and hang it all.

Imagine the following:

    1.I have to head back to the UK today.
    2.Round 5 on Sock Madness is about to start – with the pattern to be released between 7-10 am in the US. That comes out to be 1300-1600 my time.
    3. I have to catch the Strass at 1329 to make sure that I make my train connection in Mannheim. I could leave later but if the Bahn is wonky then I have flight issues.

Did I mention that I had doodled away most of the morning running errands with the Voice (currently hoarse)? Sprinting through the house and packing like made, I checked my email before turning off the computer.

S-Bahns run on time, trains don’t. Leaving early turned out to be a great idea as I made my connection in Mannheim. From there I call home, get the teen to log into my email box just in case and wait.

As I am pulling into the Fernbahnhof at Fraport, my handi rings. It is CelticMemoryYarns calling from Ireland to make sure that I had the pattern since it had been out for almost a couple of hours.

Nope, I am on the train. She texts me the pattern. (Is this woman great or what?)

Meanwhile, I drop off my bag at Lufthansa (life is easy) and get through the first security check point.

Sitting on the floor of Terminal B with my yarn

The Yarn

I knit the first toe and look at the pattern.

the toe

It doesn’t compute. The stitch numbers don’t balance. I txt Jo, she checks and gets back to me later with the corrections. Meanwhile, I am prepared with extra needles and knit the second toe.

Starting the pattern, it seems strange, there are issues with second row as well, but I am now on the plane.

It is still Pesach and the sandwhiches are turkey. Now cheese would have been fine – I would wipe the bread off the cheese. But turkey? I eat more nuts from my trailmix bag.

the sock back

I fight the socks, and they fight me through Immigration, bagagge claim, customs, the bus, the train, the wait and the second train.

Knitting while walking from the Camberley Train Station to the Royal Military Academy just is not in the cards. It has gotten cold and I left my fleece jacket in Heidelberg.

Rolling into the house – it is now 2030 I go on line first thing. I look at the pattern. I am not knitting the pattern, I am knitting something else.

But this is not the pattern

I have two sock feet done, ready to fight with the heels. But that second row of the pattern – it is P1, K31, P1 – just like Jo txt, but I wrote it down P1 K3 P1. I had quit taking pictures while on the plane, it just didn’t make sense and I wasn’t having a lot of fun documenting that everything looked strange.

So I am not going to show you two feet done incorrectly.

I just am going to hang the whole thing. Getting sleep tonight and going to work in the morning fresh is much more important.

What I have learned from this pattern and the last is that test knitters are critical. They have to knit the pattern as it is written, from charts and from words. Mistakes do happen, we are all human. When you are writing a pattern for a contest, it is not the same as writing for open knitting where people are free to change whatever doesn’t suit them. It has to be precise and explicit. Every word has to be checked and accurate. Repeats have to be defined as to how many.


Making me much happier is this bobbin of fine wool singles.


Yes, singles. The roving was a tri-colour white, light blue, and black. A delight to spin, I varied the amount of each as I went to arrive at a progression of change. I have a nice contrasting light grey alpaca which will be the second ply.


Since I wasn’t knitting – I went back to The Outlaw Demon Wails by Kim Harrison. It is the 6th Rachel Morgan book. I am enjoying it, the sub-plots are interesting. Don’t be put off by the blurb, which is not an accurate reflection of the story. Good review here.


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Six Words

April 26th, 2008 4 comments

I haven’t yet been tagged – but this one is worth doing. I picked it up from ScrabbleQueen.

What is your philosophy of life in six words?  Think about it for a few moments.

For me it is the essence of Tikkun Olam and my obligation as part of my existence.

Make the world a better place.

If you want to participate –

Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you/where you found it.

2. Post the rules.

3. Share a 6 word philosophy of life

4. Tag at least 3 other people – ok – Carmen , Amanda, Marit and  Jinx:
and post in language of your choice.

(Gee – and I am also hitting four countries – isn’t the Internet great?)


Before I get to today’s Spinning- I have to really fill you on on this past Monday. The part that did not include Sock Madness. A couple of the Heidelberg region knitters were able to come over for a few hours of spinning. Once again, I didn’t arrive in time to make the Knit Meet up last Saturday (might have been something there about Pesach preparation in the way also).

Monday Afternoon Spinning

We had decent weather and I hauled out three wheels – my steadfast S10 Louet, a Dutch wheel I picked up off a couple of years ago and my Timbertops.

Today – I finished up the bit of roving that I started on Monday – only a couple of ounces total and started some alpaca.

Well, it was just sitting there.

Evening spent at the Zwinger1 (part of the Heidelberg Stadt Theater) seeing Verzeihung, ihr Alten, wofinde ich Zeit, Liebe und ansteckenden Irrsinn? by Christian Lollike. Translated from Danish to German by Gabriele Haefs.

The acting was good – the play itself left me a bit cold. I don’t think it was just the translation – I found the world view and the over blown stereotypes a bit much (see above – building the world better). A friend of my husband’s is in the play. As the program notes state – he has not gone quietly into his retirement, becoming active in theater.

I’ll find the rest of the Heidelberg and surrounding pictures for tomorrow. After all, it will be more interesting than another train trip to the Frankfurt Flughafen.


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Washed by rain

April 25th, 2008 2 comments

Munich this morning felt washed by rain. At 0730 there are fewer people on the streets. It still took almost half an hour to get a picture of the Toy Museum unencumbered by too many buses or trucks.

Toy Musem in Tower

And Karlstor still appeals to me


The right side never cleared out, but the left
Left tower in Karlstor

Golden Shadows

Obviously I had yarn left over from Sock Madness. Enough that knitting at least one Kippah was a necessity. The challenge was to take the leaf pattern and convert it so that the numbers and the shape came out correctly. I think I have it – four doubles (31 stitches on each of four sides) but have to really see how the X on the top appears once it is blocked. I also have to finish writing it up.

Golden Shadow Set


Facing a train ride home, it was easier to start a new sock than to work with the bulk of the Hodge-Podge. Regia in Barcelona of the City Colour Series. I am adapting a stitch patten and will see if it is worth posting when finished.

first sock leg

It feels nice and springy I bought this ball and one of Stahl yesterday. The other will be used for the next up Sock Madness.

Books in various formats

Finished Poison Sleep. Enjoyed it enough to go back and purchase the first book in the series.

Finished Time Crime (H. Beam Piper) in Podiobook. Written in the mid 50s – some of the technology used seems extremely old fashion today – and then some of it seems wildly predictive of the present. A quick and fun listen, the reader could have been better.

Started Serve it Cold by Ronnie Blackwell- produced at the Dancing Cat Studios. I haven’t decided whether or not I like the story – but the production is fantastic. A veritable audio play, but not hokey like some of the old time radio programs.

Reserving a seat next to a plug on the train turned out not to be of much benefit. Lovely old man next to me plus a lot of glare proved to be more than enough in the way of watching a DvD while I knit so Disk 2 of Charmed Third Season will just have to wait.


There are not all that many buildings where you drive through …..
Under the museum building

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April 24th, 2008 1 comment

Located in Bavaria, Munich (look for the British Flag on the bar) combines both modern technology and building practices with a lot of old world charm. (Tourist booklet here.) Not strictly a place of high rise cement or square corners, I happily walked around with my camera.

Never mind that I wound up buying yet another umbrella.

There is absolutely no way that I can explain the fact that it never rains when I pack an umbrella. And why would I pack an umbrella when it isn’t raining? I don’t even think about it. Which explains why I was getting wet while walking from Odeonsplatz to Marienplatz, passing by the Residence.

Under construction, I still like both the Residences outdoor gardens and the painted drop cloth facing the street.

The arch is quite commonly seen and I was in time to hear 1800 rung on the main clock as well as watch the whole cycle on the clock. (Yes, I know that all the tourist information says that they ring the clock at 1700. This is daylight savings time folks, they don’t change the time of clock ringing – we just hear it at a different time)

I ended up in the area around Karlstor.

Did I mention that it was raining? Or that if you want sock yarn, Karstadt is cheaper than Kaufhof Galleria?

(Hopefully the pictures should stay in the order loaded. If you click – a larger version should load)

No knitting pictures today – not possible to put them here and keep them out of the gallery. Besides, you saw enough yellow on Mon and Tues that you should be able to make it till tomorrow.


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April 23rd, 2008 Comments off

One of the Tagung traditions is that there is an official dinner at the end of the first day of the meeting. It doesn’t matter if you are speaking about the Medical BioDefence, Chem Defence or Rads Defence. All three Institutes hold that dinner for their respective conference. In the last few years, it has primarily been held at a Gasthaus that is within walking distance of the SanAk’s caserne.

Not this year. As dinners go – these are fine. Business civilian attire suffices and there are less than five minutes of speeches or announcements. It really is just a friendly dinner out with all the conference attendees. 225 of your best friends, when you add in the occasional spouse.

We were bused to Lustheim, just north of Munich. Of course, there is a castle – of the manor house variety.
Schloss Lustheim

Complete with moat. If you want me to add in the obligate picture of a swan swimming, I would be happy to oblige.
Schloss Lustheim

After dinner, I headed outside to see more of the castle grounds. The gate was closed. All I could do was read the directions sign while I waited for the bus back.

I supposed I could have walked

Never mind I slept last night like the truly burned out, at 2200 I was ready to finish catching up on my missed sleep.


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Shadow Socks

April 22nd, 2008 Comments off

Ok, yes I finished the socks prior to getting on the train. I posted pictures to Flickr, but just didn’t have enough time to post them here. Taking the 1515 train was a better idea than the 1715.

Sock Madness

at 1130

I had made it this far. There is this small issue of when to do the heels….After thought heels are perhaps my least favorite kind of heel. From a colour control point of view, they help you avoid the whole issue of colour pooling for most patterned yarns. The cost is poorer fit due to the lack of a gusset.

If you are in Germany, and your scissors are in the UK – you can make due with a glass sided pepper mill and a knife to cut the waste yarn so that you can insert that after thought heel just discussed. Scissors would have been easier and a lot less scary, but I didn’t want to take the time to go shopping for another pair.

If you don\'t have scissors to cut the waste yarn

I had taken a break from knitting the second sock to complete the first heel, just in case there were adjustments that I needed to make prior to committing myself to the second.

While I was at it – I finished up both heels, before heading down the second sock to the toe.

first sock done and the second well on its way

Both socks complete at 1305, European Daylight Savings Time with pictures posted about 20 minutes later. Yarn is dyed by Michelle from the Sweet Sheep. Called Golden Ticket, it was part of the Spectrum challenge in 2007.

Golden Shadows - done at 1305

Packing then complete, I caught the train, got to Munich and arrived at the SanAk while the conference office was still open.

I won’t tell you that I knit on the train or during the evening. It would be too much


Poison Dream by T A Pratt.

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Round 4 – Sock Madness

April 21st, 2008 4 comments

Obviously, I am mad or at least insane. Pattern landed in my mail box about 1630 this afternoon.

Also had some company (spinning) followed by taking my DH to the Bahnhof, my friend to her house. Walking the dog.

Making another run to pick up the DH from the train station.

Needless to say, I am no where near as far as I thought I would be on this picky pattern

Both cuffs were done early,

Then I decided to knit both sock tops before continuing on to the foot. Picky patterns (lace) deserve to be knit once…

at the end – I am going to have to fiddle with the required afterthought heel.

Train to Munich is at either 1315 or 1515…

Not much time to finish.

Like I said, insane.

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Simple, nuh?

April 20th, 2008 Comments off

I have three lenses for my SLR camera; the 18-55 that came with my camera, the zoom that my kind soul got when he traded in Lufthansa frequent flyer milage last fall and the new 50mm close up lens I purchased last week.

Two of the three lenses work fine, the one that came with the camera not. It wasn’t focusing. Somewhere, in the back of my mind there was this thought that there had to be a problem with lens. Two of three functioning said that the camera body was working as advertised.

On the web are some wonderful articles about how the focusing mechanism works, the averaging and where in the light/mirror stream all the sensing takes place. It makes sense now, but doesn’t answer the basic question – what can I do when a good lens goes bad?

20 minutes on the web, and I had not found anything brilliant, so I went lusting after fancier cameras on the Cannon site. After all – there was this nice little opportunity to compare three cameras side by side.

As I was reading across from cheapest to most expensive, the site noted that the cheapest, unlike the more expensive cameras, did not have a switch on the lens to change from AF to MF. And the flash explodes in my head. Right there, on the lens is this little switch in the 7 o’clock position set to – you guessed it – MF for manual focus.

Duh. Oh, blast, the photos I missed last night because of not being able to use something other than a close-up/wide angle fixed mm lens.

OTOH, think of the money I saved as well as not looking incredibly stupid.

There I would have gone tomorrow into a German camera shop. Told the wo/man working there that my lens wouldn’t focus. And it set to have me do it manually, rather than on auto focus

I went outside to visit the flowers

and took it along when we went out to pick up the dog

who apparently had a good time visiting, even managing to deal with the goats.

You can see the sunshine – this is not England. The weather was warm

and I had a lovely rest.

Hodge Podge

AKA tubey from the bottom up.

After finishing the bottom half – I placed markers in reverse for the two sides, the center back and 16 stitches into the front on each side.

After doing a provisional cast on for the first sleeve – I started purling back – attaching the one edge to the live body stitches by purling two together

turning the work, slipping a stitch from the right needle to the left

then passing the “two together stitch” over the slipped stitch before returning this stitch

to the right handle needle. The next step is to knit back to the currently open edge before repeating. To make the number of rows work with the number of stitches I occasionally put an extra stitch in the purl together.

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April 19th, 2008 3 comments

Oh joy, it was raining when I crawled out of bed this morning with less that 5 hours of sleep. Getting dressed was not that rough and my suitcase was packed. I even located my car keys, cell phone and passport.

There was the particulary jobsworth at the train station.
Informed me at 0610 (train comes at 01618) that I should have bought my ticket from the vending machine

Vending Machine didn’t have a place for a discount.
Yes, it does.
Well, I could not easily find it and could not see my way clear to paying full fare when I am can use HRM Military discount.
It is right there.
Fine, but you are here to sell tickets, aren’t you?

South West Trains

80 minutes later I am at Heathrow, much of it slow train, waiting and even slower bus time. No way could I have taken the 0718 and made the flight.

I have preprinted my boarding pass. The first gatekeeper stops me – your wheeled carryon looks too big. I demonstrate- it fits in the size thing. Been taking it on the plane for two years. Never mind that the airlines have dropped the size of their overheads, I can make it fit (grin).

Heading down the runway – I got to see the infamous Terminal 5

Terminal 5 - Heathrow
with its line up of British Airway flights (can you spell Lufthansa? Nicer and cheaper).

Yes, it was raining – rapidly ascending through the clouds

The extremely kind, wonderful guy to whom I am married even picked me up at Frankfurt. At stop at the commissary and we were home in plenty of time to wash, chop and cook vegetables. The youngest two pitched in with minimal complaints. The Mole did wonderfully and didn’t even blink at being up and about.


From getting ready (anyone want to explain why my brain kept telling me 1830 like every other year when it turned out the starting time was 1930? I could have taken a nap. Really could have used that nap).

To holding the service –

to the six (hard to get both sides of the table with this particular lens) who sang every single last concluding song. One way to entertain while a few of the rest of us cleaned up.

Turning the Voice lose with the camera – she even proved that I was there.
I was even there

It was well after 2300 when we returned – turkey and leftover tzimmes in tow. Staggered toward bed, it was a really long day, to be topped by a week of eating flavourless cardboard (excuse me, Matzah!)


He was willing to me take pictures of him in the completed vest
Front View

What I am not going to do is post pictures of all the Kippot – go here if you want to see a good number

Kippah - STR yarn


High Country – Nevada Barr – almost through disk 4/5 in the car.
Time Crime – H. Beam Piper (Podibook – current recording of this 1956 classic.)
Small Favor – Jim Butcher in Hardback (yes, the latest Dresden File .) His page is worth visiting, and the short story is what you might call unexpected cute.

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Panic preparations

April 18th, 2008 2 comments

Sometimes I don’t mind daylight savings time. It was lovely, having that extra hour of daylight this evening. I didn’t even realize that it had gotten late till my computer told me that it was 8 pm. After all, I had rolled in before sundown, had lit candles and had eaten while it was still light out.

It was about then that I decided to do an on-line check in for tomorrow’s flight.

Oh. Now it makes sense that I wanted to arrive in Germany in plenty of time to pitch in on Seder preparations. But what exactly made me think that I wanted to catch a train at 0618 in the morning? Insanity or a brief attack of the stupids? Perhaps I was confused with weekdays where the 0648 (and another 30 minutes of sleep) would be a possibility.

I thought about it – 0718 train takes 47 minutes to get to Feltham followed by a bus for 20 minutes. Boarding is at 0920 (or you could lose your seat). Not much time for security, much less waiting for, or missing connections.

Nah, I will be crabby, cold and on the 0618.

Which means that this is not going to be a long or interesting post with blogging, knitting or other erudite discussions. Just the above, I am afraid, along with the lovely list of what came in the mail. Mail is such a thrill when you only collect it every 10-14 days.


Professional Reading:

    Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response (The Sphere Project)
    Refugee Health – An approach to emergency situations. Medecins San Frontieres.

Fiber Related Mysteries

    Sins and Needles – Monica Ferris
    Died in the Wool – Mary Kruger
    Murder Most Crafty – Maggie Bruce, ed.


Following links from Ravelry may not always be a good idea. My lace weight yarn (remember those socks last weekend?) arrived.
Misti Alpaca lace
along with some nice merino Artyarn.
Merino Art Yarn
and some Sandes Smart for a couple of projects.


I thought I was decreasing both the yarn and the fiber stash when I managed to spin and send off some BFL to Isobel. As a thank you, revenge or request – this showed up in my mailbox.
Merino roving

It is lovely, soft merino. Now, where in the queue does it go?

Sock Madness

The next round of Sock Madness is released next Monday. Calling for a light solid or semi-solid yarn, I pulled out some sunshine, this time I am planning ahead.
Golden Ticket
Golden Ticket is left from a Sweet Sheep Project Spectrum shipment. Must have been waiting just for this.


or, rather another hallway. One I could have sworn was level at the time.
Sinfonia Hall

Shabbat Shalom (and hope that your chametz was easy to find and clean out this year….)


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Learning then and now

April 17th, 2008 Comments off

How we have learned our craft has changed over the years. It used to be that you learned from someone, usually a mother or a grandmother.  To learn new things, you found someone to teach you. It is really only recently (a few decades) that there have been books as well as an increase in magazines that feature both methodologies as well as pattern collections with a wide range of interests.

The Knittyvritti made comment on grandmothers as she used what she calls her Virtual Grandmother to help her.

Thinking back on my two grandmothers: one did an extensive amount of handwork during the 30s. It was the depression and they had little money. To her it was a necessity, not pleasure or joy. Once she could afford store bought, Esther never looked back.

My mother felt much the same way, viewing handmade clothing and sweaters as a sign of poverty. It was only when she was extremely stressed that she turned to knitting, sewing or needlework. Her background did not let her see that handmade=loved from the point of view of her two daughters.

My other grandmother did exquisite needlework which she used to decorate fancy outfits and sweaters. That grandfather had a good job and they sailed through the depression without worries. Ann had the luxury of time to enjoy her abilities along with a social circle that appreciated her creativity.

Neither of them, nor my mother were particularly teaching minded. I started with sewing in high school, it was a mandatory part of Home Economics in those days. All girls took Home Ec, all guys took shop. (the 1960s for those of you who can’t relate.)

I wound up finding that I learned best from reading. The pattern guide, a book, a pamphlet. I have taken a few courses over the years, but find them frustrating as I like to learn at my own pace, and not that of the class. I like to figure things out on my own, look them up in a book. Occasionally I will search things out on the web, but have never watched an instructional video, YouTube clip, or a DvD. Give me a drawn illustration, a few words, a graph and I am good to go. It is my hands that will translate those directions into something.

Now, I won’t claim that something is always correct or exactly what I intended. Serendipity and errors creep in all the time.


This may be the reason that I am knitting Tubey from the bottom up, rather than from the sleeves back out. The directions are rather clear, and having constructed garments before by knitting a piece in work together with a finished piece, it doesn’t seem all that hard (Vejborg – Lavold; several Noro garments; after though soles).

I just have to decide if this

17 March Hodge Podge

or this is long enough for the body

A bit farther with the remaining yarn

and what colour is up next.

The British Slipover is to here

British Slipover - neck

and the final 7 Kippot are blocking. Since I used Sox Pixies pattern only a couple of times before modifying it – I suppose I should write up the variations.

seven more Kippot


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April 16th, 2008 3 comments

You wouldn’t think you would need it from how it looks in my garden. Green and growing.

things are growing green

Not true. It has been chilly. The boiler actually worked this evening. I had not bothered since arriving home, figuring it should warm up any time now. A couple of evenings with an outside temp of 3-5 degrees wasn’t anything to worry about when I was asleep, but tonight I felt like I actually might be awake for a couple of hours.

Cold in the bedroom? Hello, Minnesota origin here. Put on another comforter and an extra layer of clothing. It is cold only if you get out of bed….

But I tried it, turned the thing on, and it worked. I had heat for three hours before it knocked off. Now, I happened to have it set to shut down after a while, so I lost only about an hour of warmth. Warm register, hot diggity! Leaning against it with my jar of peanut butter. Since I had lunch at the mess, evening became snack time.


I managed a couple of inches on the Hodge Podge Tubey

basically ripping from the old sweater and knitting on to the new
taking it apart

I also made progress on the Mole’s Vest. One armhole ribbing is complete plus three rows on the neck. I will have to see if blocking will smooth out the arm, or if the pattern called for insufficient numbers of stitches (I just love frogging). I will add more on the second armhole then see. No sense in having to do both over.

And finally, the first batch of Kippot are blocking. From “Additional uses for Soup Bowls….”

Blocking Kippot


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Upright, but not awake

April 15th, 2008 2 comments

It was a solid 12 hour sleep, making up for all the missed time in the US?

I don’t often do these, but the answers on this one just tickled my funny bone. Think about it!

Your Monster Profile

Wicked Worm

You Feast On: Olives

You Lurk Around In: The Ocean

You Especially Like to Torment: British People

Other than arranging a last minute briefing for one of the Brits on travels through Germany, my day was quiet, letting me head back to bed early…..

Knitting – I am hauling out the Mole’s vest and my odds-n-ends sweater.

The Mole? Name adopted from the 19 year old who claims her brother spends his weekends in his darkened den, back-lit only by reflection from his MAC. In turn, she is referred to as The Voice or The Singer. You have met Ms Copper and the Eldest along the line.

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April 14th, 2008 1 comment

The flight to Detroit was full.

The flight to Frankfurt was full. Added to the joy of crying babies were a number of teenagers returning home from an exchange program. Flight never did quiet down. I knit, tried to sleep. I am not sure what is with the design on the cattle class seats on NWA, but I can’t sleep in them or even sit comfortably. Perhaps too much lumbar curve? Even leaning up against the teen (boy child, referred as the Mole by his sisters) I only caught a few winks.

Since I hadn’t managed to sleep more than a few hours here and there, I was not in the best of moods on arrival in Frankfurt.

There I am, saying good-bye to the kids. I have my backpack, suitcase…I don’t have my jacket. Mole, says I, did you take my jacket down from the overhead compartment.

He looks at me tiredly. No, doesn’t think so.

I traipse back to the check in counter. Yes, they have found my jacket – go back through to lost and found to claim.

This means security again, complete with an inspection of my suitcase since I have no one to leave it with. Just very glad, at the moment that I do not have any liquids in the suitcase (checked baggage here, shall we talk about my nice expensive scissors that they decided I could keep?).

There is almost no one left in Baggage Claim E. The poor woman at the counter is stressed out of her mind. She tells me so. And wants to know why I am there.

Check in counter sent me. They say you have my jacket.

No, it is at the gate.

Can I go there?

No, why are you here?

Because the check-in counter sent me. I can go back to the gate if you let me.


She finally slams off and walks to the gate herself, coming back with my jacket.

She is stressed. Her counter handles British Airways. Enough said.

In my pocket is one of my passports……

Check-in on Lufthansa was easy in comparison. Even standing in the security line for 45 minutes didn’t phase me a bit.

Nor did the bus ride from Heathrow to Feltham, the train and the train or the walk from the station.

I just was glad to get home.


13 Kippot

13 of them in a pile, waiting on finishing and blocking. Not a bad output for the flights.


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Brunch and Lunch

April 13th, 2008 Comments off

Since our flight times were close enough (1200 and 11255), we planned on all going to the airport on one run (rental car might actually pay itself off on this one).

The scheduled brunch was 0930 which meant that we had breakfast early. Something about not being able to manage on-line check in for my DH who had the earliest flight. I went on line early to check for me and the three teens. Once again the airline had taken my nice seating plan and changed it to four seats in a row in the back. I re-seated us toward the front of the plane, and not all together, thank you very much.

We are headed back through Detroit and should arrive in Frankfurt right before 0800 in the morning.


Kippahs are on the agenda, I still have left over sock yarn. I am not knitting socks. I am bored with socks for a couple of days.


On to Star Surgeon (circa 1959) by Alan E. Nourse and The Onion Files should the batteries hold out.


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More family than they thought

April 12th, 2008 3 comments

Again, there was no one in the breakfast room with me at 0400 in the morning. I am on the second sock madness sock. Going down a needle size, it is an improvement. Thinking about reknitting the first, but later, much later ….

Second Sock Started

(still on the DHs computer – there are a bjiillion symbols on the 88 or less keys making typing really, really frustrating. Need an accent, umläut? Not a problem, but try finding the parens, delete or return key. Aargh. you will get pix later).

After the Bat Mitzvah, we headed downtown Minneapolis to a different hotel for our last night.

The crew was hungry again. Together with my long lost step-brother & wife, we headed into the maze of the Skyway system to find lunch. Ms Copper and the Mole were willing to sit still long enough for me to take pictures (new camera lens….)

Ms Copperthe Mole

as well as Jan was a good sport


Taking up a seating area in a café, I finished up the sock (you know which sock) while we visited.

Sock Madness Round 3 complete

All of a sudden four hours had passed and the place was closing. I could not completely avoid being in at least one picture.

two of us

The kids had disappeared a while back in search of manicures, hair cuts and other primping for an evening dinner at the Minneapolis Club.

Why is it freaking cold in April? It is not supposed to be below freezing. Now imagine a large, elegant drafty restored old mansion. Right, tights, dress and jacket. Still cold.

I took along the camera, but wound up not taking any pix at all.

later, I am wiped.

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Build it, they will shop

April 11th, 2008 2 comments

A day spent at the Mall of America.

Mall of America

(all pictures were added once home and on my own computer. (my DH has this really weird keyboard that is driving me nuts. It has no touch pad; instead one of those little red rubber things in the middle of the keyboard making navigating on the page totally insane)

But first – last evening. Arriving at the hotel, I checked us all in and was left with the problem of how to find my planned entertainment. Knitters are generous, one had offered to give me a ride to O’Shaunessy auditorium. She was felled by what ever is going around along with her entire family.

I managed to get to Summit Ave in St Paul, a nice Gold Star cab with GPS solved the problem.

The Harlot was worth the trip.

picture taking a picture

Even better there are Cathy-Cate and Deb . The first managed, in spite of the weather to make the trip from Eau Claire, bringing along lace weight Nit Picks so that I could do this round of Sock Madness. Kilos of yarn I have in the stash and nothing that is even remotely lace weight. Deb, saving me a seat and making me feel a part of her whole circle of knitting friends. And then there is the wonderful Stella (I don’t have either her Ravelry name or Url) who gave me, a total stranger, a ride back to the hotel on this windy snowing, sleeting really weather ugly night.

None of us stayed for the book signing, there was just a little bit of a line with weather getting worse by the moment.

too many people to stand in line

Which leads me to this morning – or the whole day actually. Mall of America. Building this huge, insane maze of a place and the shoppers come. Completely indoors (this is Minnesota, it is freaking cold. April and it is snowing – go figure) it sports over 450 constantly changing stores and amusement park rides. Enough eateries that anyone should be able to find food along with screaming kids.

We did the family meet up regularly. I bagged the place about 1800. IHOP was the hands down favorite since it was right next to the hotel.

Crashing was next on my list, since I had been up since rather early. Like well before 0500 early. You see, I had this pattern, and lovely, lace weight (ack) yarn for Sock Madness – round three.

0420 in the morning

Winding yarn (400 yds of one and only half the skein of the other).
Only 400 yds blue to windSomething like 800 yrds here

by 0930 I was here –

half way through the first sock

and finished the first sock today; the second half of the sock taking all afternoon due to the shopping interuptions. It is a fast pattern and I probably could have finished this one up and gotten at least of the second sock done if I could have just knit…. (But really, this is only a sock knitting contest. And it was Mall of America and the kids were interested in shopping).
and the first sock

Which reminds me – you know serendipity? It is when you go into the Ritz Camera Store on level three to replace the lens cover you lost yesterday and get waited on by a pleasant young man in his early 30s. I looked at his first name on his tag and the neurons fired. I don’t think I had seen him since his Bar Mitzvah, his parents and I knowing each other since we were all students at the U of MN. In fact, this particular young man was borrowed at age not 4 to be the ring bearer in our wedding…


{Imaging the picture – till it was uploaded}.
Marquette Hotel - hallway 13
Marquette Hotel – Hallway 13


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22 Hours

April 10th, 2008 Comments off

and counting. Or longer, once I think about it.Up before 0600 (Germany time), to the train station, to Frankfurt Flughafen.

Taking off from Frankfurt Flughafen

Across the chanel

Some where over the UK

across the US and most of Michigan to land

Michigan, see those regular roads?

in Detroit. It might be a great city, but the airport leaves a bit much to be desired.

Especially when you have only 20 minutes from grabbing your luggage to get through an endless line at customs prior to rechecking your bags. Then you have to go through security again. I have never figured this one out. Exactly what could I have possibly done between getting off the plane, immigration and customs? Bought weapons? Drunk fluids? There isn’t even anything to buy!

Still, it is security screening all over again, complete with walking on their dirty carpet with my nice handknit socks while running my evil shoes through the scanner.Naturally, our connecting flight was in a different section of the concourse. After waiting for five minutes, it was a 30 second ride. They were boarding as we got to the gate.

Arriving in Minneapolis, the kids were wiped, but maintained a sense of humor.

two girls, gummis and an iPod cord

I still had plans for the evening, but haven’t gotten organized. Will do that tomorrow, complete with pictures.

The kippah count for the day was seven.


MP3 players are the only way to go. Billi Baddings to the rescue.


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Long Day

April 9th, 2008 Comments off

Ms Copper and I left the house before 0800, stopping at my office to pick up a my card reader before grabbing luggage and hiking to the train station.

Camberley to Ascot. Change trains. Ascot to Feltham, take a bus. Now, it looks like there are two buses to Heathrow. Not wanting to send the young lady off on her own – we both rode to Healthrow Central Station.

Down a couple of stories is a free train to T5. I waived her off, then escalatored back up to T2. And hung out and hung out. Knitting is good for not wasting time. So is listening to audio books.

By the time I reached Frankfurt, I had knit two kippahs, knit, frogged and restarted a third. I didn’t bother to take pictures. Waiting till the ends are woven in and they are blocked.

We caught the train to Mannheim, the connector to Heidelberg. It was raining. A lot, so I justified taking a cab to avoid a long hike in the rain.

And then there was the commissary run, the set up the computer, the HMEDDAC run to get a critical script for one of the teens, and the “does everyone have their passports?” drill. We will see how well on-line check in works (NW uses KLM, they wanted all sorts of information).

0600 in the morning is going to come awfully early I think.


There are some books which just might be more fun heard than read. Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword by Tee Morris is a case in point. Noir, circa 1929 and really pretty funny. Not for some who get easily offended by tacky language.


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That is done

April 8th, 2008 1 comment

Driving the slow way back, Ms Copper and I wound up driving through both Oxford (English architecture is clearly recognizable, especially the chimneys)
and the countryside around Reading.
the country side near Reading, just before the rain started
We should have been packing this evening. She was a bit more interested in checking email.
Ms Copper staying warm
I made progress on the vest

only the ribbings left, here the first armhole

and Tubey. My method on the latter is simply to unravel from one sweater and knit it onto the next, changing only to come up with complete rounds.

Unraveling from one to knit to the other

Now my only panic is related to Round 3 of Sock Madness. The next release will be Thursday night. At least there is free WiFi at the hotel. But for some reason, probably just to torment me, this round will be the lace yarn socks.

I don’t have any lace yarn. Not here, and I don’t think in Germany. I have put out a couple of panicked feelers – maybe someone in MN has lace weight? I don’t mind being knocked out of competition because someone else knits better and faster. But because the yarn I ordered isn’t here?



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Yarn, yarns, and bones

April 7th, 2008 1 comment

The snow has melted, even under the trees, but it is still predicted to be below freezing tonight.

Ms Copper has successfully completed her first day of dental work. A small bit of ibuprofen and a nap seems to set her totally right. Following a dinner of Indian food (did I mention the great price and ease of cooking?) we watched the last DvD of Bones (the first season). Both are now going in the “drop off at Heidelberg” bag so that I don’t accumulate too much here.

Firefox Beta 3

If you are stuck with Wistless, upgrading to FireFox 3 (Beta) really has made a difference in browsing. There are improvements in the URL bar. And, really important to me – the multiple file upload in WordPress now works like a charm. Means I can upload all the photos for a post in one swell food, going back to insert them in their proper places as I get to that portion.

British School Slipover

The front and back are now finished. I just have to find a 3,5mm needle that is short enough for the armhole and neck ribbing.
Body of British SlipOver now finished

Hodge Podge Sweater

Started a lot of years ago (certainly before I left for Kuwait, and it might even have been in Munich), I ran out of the white yarn. Then I found a few really ugly errors. Knit on the basic Odd Ball Sweater pattern (circa 1995), I was making it up as I went. The final straw was measuring and finding out it was about 20 cm bigger around than any kind of sanity would choose.

What I have for yarn

A reknit was in order. It will become Tubey from Winter 05 Knitty. Unfortunately, I can’t use the pattern construction since I have no idea how far I am going to get before running out of yarn. I don’t know about you, but I am way too old to have my stomach or belly button hanging out below a sweater hem.

Means that I will knit from the bottom up, then provisionally cast on the sleeves, working from the center out as I attach them to the live stitches on the top of the body. Wider stripes on the body and darker toward the bottom is my current plan, but my strategy is still random grab for the next colour. Yarn is handspun (and probably the last time I spun anything that could be knit on needles as large as 5,00mm).
restart on the bottom


We picked up the mail yesterday. I know that have the Coffeehouse Mystery series by Cleo Coyle on my bedstand. Her website is rather well done.


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April 6th, 2008 2 comments

Not thinking that we were at much further risk for cold weather, remember that I just bagged dealing with the boiler earlier this week in favor of dealing with it as a non-emergency after I was back from leave. Today is 6 April. I awoke to snow flurries. Light and fluffy, it looks quite pretty.

Big, fat flakes of snow and this is April

I don’t know what it is doing to all my buds and flowers, but it is cold in the house again.

I have snow on the car and down the street

Snow on the car

and coming down all along the street

It was covering the bushes and trees where yesterday we had buds.

Piles of snow on the bushes

Tree frost

which might explain our nutsiness.

By noon the sun was well out

the sun was well out

and by 1500 – when Miriam and I went for a walk, Old College was gleaming in the sun.

Old College


Definitely made progress on the vest.
Progress on the Vest. 6 April 2008

And all three Kippot are complete.
The Noro KippahThe guz Kippah
Wild Cherrz Kippah


We are watching Bones. 3 DvD watched, and one to go. I just don’t get the two sided concept. Yes, it saves disks, but increases the chances of something going wrong.

Now, all I have to do is figure out why I suddenly have a keyboard that is responding with the German placement of punctuation on an American computer….


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April 5th, 2008 2 comments

It seems she could reach her dad on his cell phone in California. I could call the kids in Heidelberg: and they finally got through to inform her that the mom was driving around in circles. Every time I called, it went straight to her mailbox. I received her SMS about two hours later, just about the time her phone notified her of missed calls. The security people at Heathrow Terminal 2 are not nice about waiting longer than a minute in the drop off/pick up zone.

She is no longer Ms Pink. My gaze slid by her the first time before coming back to rest on Ms Copper.

Ms Bronze

The colour was reputed to be light auburn. She glows like a candle flame

bright hair

thing certainly, her hair is not blond right now. OTOH, it is not black.

We bagged the idea of long distance trips in favor of a couple of local errands

Bird Feeding

taking care of various regal and opinionated water fowl

The SwanThe rather opinionated Canadian Goose Drake

before reaching home with our box of Indian food for dinner.


Up to the arm split on the British Slipover, it will be my main project tomorrow.

British Slipover 5 April 08


Ms Bronze bought me a present (see below) so I needed some really easy knitting. Please meet first the Guy Kippah

Kippah to match DS\'s Guy Socks

and the Noro Kippah.

Noro Kippah

Constructed along the same lines as yesterday, I varied the edging in each. Depending on how they look after blocking, I will write them up and post them in the side bar.


It was the first season of Bones, just for me. I have read all of Kathy Reichs’ books with pleasure; well developed characters, interesting plots with accurate details. Since I don’t own a TV, anything I want to see is seen on my computer long after the original season. We had watched Season 2 several months ago, the kids found Season 1 at the PX last weekend. Snuggled up on the bed with plenty of comforters, we watch the whole first disk.


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It might be spring!

April 4th, 2008 Comments off

There was sunshine today. The window washer was by yesterday on a cherry-picker. The view is rather a nice one.
out the office window

Out on the grounds – the set up for next week’s Sovereign’s Day Parade seems to be complete.
parade grounds

The geese are out in pairs
canadian geese

and my garden is starting to bloom. There are buds on trees which I thought were dead.
Old Treetree buds
spring is here


After all those socks, I had been thinking about quick and portable projects. You see, I aways have sock yarn left. Sock yarn is just the right weight. Both Jen Tocker and Caroline (Soxpixie) have free patterns. Kippahs to match my socks, that would be nice.
Kippah 1 - knit in the round on dps
Knit in the round on dps (why use a circular and have to go to dps anyway for the decreases?) starting with 120 stitches. Eight pattern rows, a couple of garter ridges and then the decreases. Easy as pie!
Bowls are great for blocking
blocking yarmulka one
The British have these lovely places called airing cupboards. Even with the heat turned off, this small room is still warm and dry.
Matching Cherry Hill Socks
Sitting with those matching Cherry Tree Hill Wild Berry Chain socks.


Blood Dreams by Kay Hooper from the library. The latest in her FBI Special Crimes Unit series.
The Last Twilight by Marjorie M Liu in paperback. A Dirk & Steele, set in Africa.


Simple Arch

Even a simple view from the back of FASC has sun and green.


Dinner at the Mess

April 3rd, 2008 1 comment

Being thoroughly sick of my own company at dinner, I decided to have dinner at the Mess. Currently, there are only about eight officers living in and it seems that 2-3 are dining on any particular evening. The menus rotate from Week 1 -> Week 4, then start over. Tonight, one of the main choices was Vegetarian Lasagna, a dish that I like but never make. (Queen of the five minute meal here, the idea of 20-30 minutes prep plus baking time is beyond me, especially when I am flying solo.)

As it turned out, there was only one other person for dining in (the rest apparently picked up trays and scooted. Living in during the week, he is a retired medical services officer whose family is up near York. We had a lovely dinner conversation and coffee afterwards.

Fine thing, to have a wide ranging conversation in an evening with an articulate dinner companion not directly related to tasks at hand nor have to wash dishes after.

Contest Winners

There were three excellent contributions to Charge of the Sock Brigade (see post of ….) and all get sock yarn plus whatever other goodies I can find to send along. The winners are Mousey (you really need to read her rant on Johnny Depp come to Wisconsin) , Sarah (braving the alphabet blog-a-long) and Turtle (looking at Daffodils to balance out the snow). One package has already gone out and the other two on Monday. No clue how long it will take from APO in the UK to Wisconsin and the Pacific Northwest.

12 Mile Quest

Like most of us, I have more yarn and more fibre than I need. I keep thinking about joining one of the “knit from your stash” groups, however most of them are either nebulous or have limits that I just can’t keep.

Enter Tikabelle – with her 12 Mile Quest. Simply put – use up (knit, spin, crochet) a mile of stash each month. Let me think about weaving for a moment. Seems to me that rag rugs should count just fine, but not 40epi/ppi scarves. OTOH, if that is your thing, you probably have many more miles of fiber than I. If you want to buy more – you have to use down at a 2:1 ratio. This might really be do-able.

If you are European, you could go for a kilometer a month, then ramp up to 2km/month next year. Since just about everything you buy has length on it, it is fairly easy to determine how much you have used (weigh what is left of your skein/ball/cone etc.).

In any case, I am starting with this month and will see what I can do about using up lots each month with the goal of less in the stash and more finished items a year from now. Hmmm, perhaps gifting out my hand-spun might be a way to decrease the stash faster?

British Slipover

With SockMadness2 off the table for another couple of weeks, it is back to DSs vest. Right now, I don’t think that he has any. So it is not that he is a real vest fan, but he thinks it is a great choice for looking at bit dressed up while avoiding a sports jacket or suit coat. For those of you with teen age sons – this could be a potential selling point.

I am up to the arm divide. I was hoping to have it finished by next week so that he can wear it in the states, but it is not looking likely.


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Reversed Cubed

April 2nd, 2008 7 comments

As it turns out, the boiler problem the other day was just a hiccup.

Some time last night it died completely. Since I was shown how to reset it, I managed that about five times over the evening. It only managed to stay on if set to almost max. This morning, the switches were on, and all the little indicator lights were dead. Resetting the power didn’t help, nor did turning it on and off a couple of times.

The water that had leaked in must have just taken a few days to short it out completely.

Since it was 9 degrees C at 0900, I don’t think that I am going to freeze to death. Now the pertinent question – how many days is it going to take Modern Housing [non]Solutions to deal with it?

(more than just today it seems).

Since the computer system at AMD is also on the fritz (on the list for replacement in the next few months, so no one is willing to invest anything in support), there are frazzled people all over the place. Never thought I would hear so many people complaining about not getting their email.

Sock Madness

The sock is named Reversai. I finished the first and second sock. My hands did not feel happy, mostly due to the yarn.

On the feet, admiring them no less as I was throughly sick of them by the time I had finished.
Cool What? Nice and bright socks
And the official photo I posted to prove that I had knit two socks (should be obvious that I didn’t cut and paste to get two socks in the photo.
The official photo to prove that I had actually knit both socks

But the key to it all is

Three ways reversed

which includes three reversals (or Reversai – cubed). From checking the numbers on the web, looks like I was the 9th or so to be finished over all. My division seems to be off to a slow start. There are two of us done (one of the other divisions is at  6).

I like the heels –
heel outsideinside
which look fine from both the outside and the inside. It is all really techie stuff.

back to DSs vest and Bone Harvest by Mary Logue.


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Sock Madness 2

April 1st, 2008 3 comments

As apposed to reorganisational madness.

This morning I joined several others from AMD on a short trip over to Keogh Barracks to hear the out-come of various top level structure studies.

One might want to be nice and say that these were all driven from love, good humor and the wish to do the right thing. In reality, Whitehall is going from its present three buildings down to one. In the process, there are about 1700 people who will no longer have desks. Some of the jobs will just go away as several HQ combine and others will get relocated. The medical portion will go from 126 -> 20. Yes, that is a rather significant decrease.

In the case of Medical – it is to some place in the Midlands near Birmingham. There will be a Joint Medical Command (which is replacing three other organizations) holding responsibility for secondary care, education, training and a lot of plans and policy.

I have lots of details, I don’t really think that you want my five pages of notes.

In the afternoon, the AMD chief of staff gave a briefing on the Army reorganization and the medical reorganization. Of course, these processes have been done relatively independantly of the above mentioned studies.

On the Army side, it means that numerous HQ, AMD included will all become part of Land Component Command. New location, but not before 2010 will be Andover.

Now, I have nothing against Andover. It is just out in the middle of the Salisbury Plain and near nothing. And if I can avoid a 40 minute commute at these petrol prices, I will be pleased. One of the main issues about Andover is that there is no where near enough housing for all the people that will be moved out there.

As you would expect, this is a case of more to follow.

There was sunshine today.

After getting back to the house, I decided that it was warmer outside that in. Which leads me to

Sock Madness

Essentially this is a world wide sock knitting contest. At the beginning, everyone is divided up into four divisions and you compete within your own division. The rules are simple: you have to knit the pattern exactly as written (you can go larger but not smaller). Post at least one progress picture and a final picture of the socks on adult feet on the Flickr group page and email the information to the score keepers.

Pattern is distributed at a random time to everyone at once by email. That starts the clock which keeps running till enough people have qualified. Half the participants are eliminated in each round. This round will take the numbers from 160 down to 80.

There is obviously an issue with time zones. Depending on when the pattern is issued, some places have a definite time advantage. Staying up all night to knit is stupid in the early rounds, but there are those who are doing exactly that.

there is a garter stitch heel
garter stitch short row heel

garter on the sole

garter on the sole
and I managed to finish the first sock. This particular yarn sucks – to put it bluntly. I wanted the colour changes, but my hands are suffering for it. Plus it is taking forever (like three hours to knit a sock top not including the heel). Something about 72 stitches around as well (rather than my normal 56-60).

The first sock is complete

Rather than keep going, since I am a working person, I am going to do the sensible thing and go to sleep.


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