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I wasn’t one of the 30,000 people who are reported to have greeted the sunrise (0458) this morning at Stone Henge (BBC Article here) with a lovely series of pictures starting here.

Nor did I join Cheryl and the rest of the crew from the nearest drop zone in their plan to overfly Stone Henge on their way to an early morning jump. I’m not sure if they actually managed this morning as the weather was a bit of an issue.

Instead, I made an early airport run to drop off a colleague. On the way back I went by the site of last night’s excited and was comforted to find my hubcap just sitting there upside down on the corner. All critical jobs for the day completed, I just relaxed for the duration listening to books and knitting.


I made significant progress on the Forget-me-not shawl.
Forget Me Not

The pattern is a 16 row repeat. I figured out that I can probably manage 7 repeats along with the edging out of one skein of sock yarn. As the day progressed, I got better at reading the stitches to figure out where I was but still kept up a simple chart and checked off every row.

Fotget me not.

I like the way that the pattern is developing, even if my colour choice seems to be a bit odd. You see, I am going to make the eldest a shawl to go with her wedding dress and I am trying out patterns in small sizes. The youngest (aka Ms Copper) happens to love pink/green. So I know that I will have a taker for the scarf when it is finished.


Full Share– the third in the series by Nathan Lowell.

I also listened to the first couple of Episodes of Red Panda. I find the basic story line funny and appreciate the author’s sense of humor. However – I find the production by Decoder Ring Theater so strident and their barker so unpleasant that I am skipping the rest of the episodes. Apparently most of their voice actors haven’t figured out that there is a difference between emoting and shouting. I am sure that it will appeal to others. Just not me, since I don’t want to have to sit right next to the computer and skip over all the intros and adds.

All in all, a nice quiet day. It is nice to have a downday.