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March 19th, 2010 1 comment

The house needs to be cleaned. That is, if I want to nag the Mole about cleaning up his room perhaps I should be setting a better example.

Managed to get the car through MOT yesterday and did the renewal on-line so I should be legal before the current tax disc expires.

I have a ton of paperwork still to finish on my desk at work, the same for some other projects.  I know that procrastination does not pay, but still – there are some forms (22 pages) which are just too painful to contemplate.

To finish off the day, I did another PT test. It seems that the new general in the Army Surgeon General’s Office wants to go exactly by the letter of the regulation. Ok, his right. Bigger elephant and all of that.  Walking rapidly in the mist (hey, this is England, of course there is mist, rain and grey skies…) I managed to do my 2.5 miles in under 30 minutes proving who knows what.

On a much more cheerful note – the obligate mirror pictures!

And if I would block this cardigan it might look even better!

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