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When the military either gets directed to do something, or takes on a challenge – half way done is just not a possibility.

From a concern over POWs and hostages (besides Somalia there have been several other incidents over the last 15 years) there has evolved a whole system for training, explaining, verifying in an attempt to prepare soldiers/civilians/contractors for the scenario worse than death.

The on-line training was interesting – I don’t like certain types of computer games (Doom, shoot-em-anything in 3 dimensions) so that I found parts of the program nauseatingly difficult. I understand the idea of giving people information about basic survival – but I do not think it is realistic given the MidEast environment.

you can skip this is you want

The idea of sitting down with my family and telling them what to do if I am captured is beyond me. Truth is that all families who talk to the press only further the capturer’s cause by keeping it all in the public eye. The idea of others risking their lives to pull me out of something is not exactly high on my list. Some young troop losing his/her life trying to rescue me would cause me more pain than I am willing to inflict on someone else’s family.

I get to turn 60 in a couple of weeks. Life has been fun, challenging, complete with highs and lows; challenges and opportunities and a family that I love with all my being.

But – and this is a large but – life is a risk and military service is a risk no matter where in the world one is stationed or deployed. Go along passively with a capture? Not a chance. Maybe for the guys – but we know from criminal behaviour that women who “get in the car with the guy” have about the same chance of survival as the dumb teen who goes downstairs in the dark in “Chainsaw massacre 13.”

Doctrine is survive till rescue. I routinely carry meds with me – but I wouldn’t have 3 months, 6 months, 12 months to wait.

No – I am not depressed. I am otherwise listening to audiobooks, knitting after having had two softserve ice cream cones for dinner. Tomorrow I get to hassle the med folks.

Life is pretty fun! Tomorrow you get knitting!

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