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waiting for the Air Force

September 26th, 2010 6 comments

Any of you remember “Waiting for Godot?” That is the LSA (life support area) at Ali As Salem to a T.

Well, here we are, sitting on benches. Large room, steel connected chairs with what was once probably padding on the backs and seats. The blocks of four are doubled into three long long sections. In spite of large signs saying – don’t lay down, hog space or put your feet on the bench, most are doing more than one of the above.

We have our gear, we have dropped bags on pallets. (and some of us spent a lot of time digging combat shirts out of the bottom of the duffle, moving patches around and otherwise getting tired of lugging weapons and carryone.

And we wait. The early flight time has come and gone. Flight cancelled or combined with a later flight, resulting in more waiting. There is plenty of temp billeting and linen packs; I am not worried if we have to check back in and spend another night.

But it is the waiting. No cameras, no pictures. Large screen TV tuned to some football game or another. Free Wifi almost as slow as that in Shannon. Free water and chips, I suppose I should walk over to the DFAC but it is back up to 110 F in the sun and I am not yet completely acclimatized.

Hopefully in Bagram tonight.


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