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around the block

September 27th, 2010 3 comments

Kuwait had heat and fine tan sand sliding through cracks, nooks and crannies. It was after dark when we took our gear, a good supply of sand and boarded the C17 for Bagram. (skipping three formations, two lineups and a bus ride)

I was one of the last on the flight which means I did not get a comfortable seat along the bulkhead; instead being jammed into the old, not quite falling apart blocks of seats bolted down the center. Actually, it wasn’t all that bad, my gear and the guys on each side of me allowed me to fall asleep with my iPod in my ears. I know I was asleep because I am missing chunks of an audio book.

Landing in Bagram was a cruise, drive and bump followed by stumbling along in the dark. After recovering from a fall, I managed to find my gear, but was not able to find the unit. No phone, no greeting party, no nothing. Kindness from a doc going another unit got me a ride to the AF CASH who had a phone for my TOC who sent a driver.

You will love the final outcome. After 2 1/2 hours, I would up in DVQ billeting less than 100 meters from the baggage drop area. If I had only know….

Meanwhile, munchies from the USO and I slept in.

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