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not Shushan Purim

March 19th, 2011 9 comments

Instead of being at Shul, I just read the Megillah (got to love the Internet) on my Mac. If I want major noise, I can turn the sound up.

As my friend Barbara mentioned – there is Purim, and then there is Shushan Purim (for those living inside a walled city). Now, I was living inside a walled city, but doubt that particular location existed in Biblical times.

What I was really more important to me today was the sense of choice and freedom. Not just to relax, sleep and read a bit, but to have the ability to choose “at what time” I wanted breakfast (as apposed to meeting the schedule of a DFAC).

To be able to wear civilian clothes, use a coffee mug at breakfast. Eat off a real plate (not a plate made of recycled paper) and hold flatware that is made of something other than plastic.

A bathroom with a door that shuts (not a curtain in front of the toilet), towels (not paper towels) hanging next to the sink. The ability to take a shower and not worry about strangers wandering in. A sleeping location that doesn’t lock with a padlock when I am not there and a deadbolt when I am.

Streets that have sidewalks. No clouds of dust when a vehicle passes. And, no rocks. There is pavement here rather than rocks and gravel.

It is not just Purim which is freedom. Redeployment qualifies as well.


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