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ten down, forever to go

April 7th, 2011 17 comments

most, but not all of what came back from the UK

Looking like a complete disaster when I walked into the studio this afternoon, I wish I could say that I had finished organizing the room in one go. The picture was taken after the first batch of boxes had been emptied and hauled out.

But that would be lying. It is going to take days and days to get this particular room organized.

I could come up with all sorts of excuses (taking George to the train, running errands, figuring out how to put all those medical records together complete with page numbering so that when the inevitable fall of everything to the floor happens I have some chance at putting the mess back together) but in truth, the last time this particular room was neat and completely useable was in late 2007. It became the chaos room and dumping ground while I was gone. Add to that my personal impact every time I came back to pick up yarn, drop off patterns, stir the pot a bit in an effort to find something.

It isn’t pretty.

Since the picture was taken, I have emptied more boxes. Rather large boxes and I am proud of myself for getting into the double digits with my efforts. Clear Rubbermaid tubs with clasp lids also accounted for part of the improvement. Mostly, however, stuff just got moved from one room to another (did I mention that the rest of the house is a disaster so that it really doesn’t make a whit worth of difference in the overall orderliness of our lives?) with more audiobooks unearthed (CDBooks at 206, Cassette at 44 books and MP3s at 177 which easily exceeds Alison’s suggestion of a book a day ….).

So as to not be discouraging – I will leave you on a happy note courtesy of Brad who found a link we all need. Unless of course, you have never wondered about how many clowns fit in a car.

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