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Really, really noisy

April 20th, 2011 7 comments

Not the car ride to LRMC – that went well with listening to an audio book (I am just past the Boston Tea Party in US history) and not the various people with whom I talked to today.

MRIs are really, really noisy.

When I had my audio gram done back in Jan my hearing was quite a bit worse in one ear compared to the other. Still that way when I had it rechecked for the VA so it was off to the MRI scanner per the audiologist.

The scanner runs from 0700-2300. MRIs – since they take anywhere from 30-60+ minutes are not emergency procedures, but there is a lot of demand. Getting an evening appointment is a lot easier actually than getting one during the day. That meant when I called yesterday afternoon, they offered me this evening at 2000.

Hey, I can do that! Run my errands – deal with credentials and other fun challenges and have plenty of time to knit. The weather was lovely today. I mention that because I should not have been surprised when I just stopped by early to check and and the woman behind the desk handed me a clip board and said they could take me now unless I really wanted to wait another four hours?

Do I look stupid?

Not more than five minutes later I am trying to take a nap complete with ear plugs while trying to ignore banging, thumping, crashing followed by hoots and moans at various frequencies. Accompanied by tingling skin and the occasional creepy feeling I decided that I could easily imagine the “cuts” as the machine magnets did their thing.

The tech was pleased – everything was clear – no repeats needed since I didn’t move. I was pleased since I got on the road hours before I had planned. The only down side was that I didn’t get in my three planned hours of hanging out at the USO and knitting. There are worse things.

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