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attempting to retire – part whatever

April 21st, 2011 9 comments

And it is round whatever in my “attempt to retire” challenge.

As it turns out – MDW (aka Military District of Washington) no matter how nice people they are, apparently can’t get my retirement orders correct. Especially they don’t seem to be able to rescind the transition orders which they cut the end of Feb and have redone four times now (and are still not correct). That is, not with revoking the retirement orders right along with them. According to the Heidelberg Transition Office (who do overseas retirements on a more than regular basis) the format of the orders and all the codes (which in term provide transportation entitlements) are not correct.

Not surprisingly – they used the CONUS format and authorized me for a CONUS to CONUS move. Said move has to be completed with in a reasonable amount of time. Catch, of course, is that I am OCONUS and am looking for a OCONUS to CONUS move with the ability to get extensions on the privilege.

The very nice manager of the retirement program here finally understood why I have been so frustrated. In fact, he told the stateside people to just revoke the whole mess, email all the pertinent information and Heidelberg will cut the whole orders in the right format with the right information.

And we have between now and next Thursday afternoon to make this happen……

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