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cruising through life

April 23rd, 2011 2 comments

I admit it. I am a cruise junkie. I like traveling by ship. I get to go places, see things, meet people, knit and not have to drive. Perhaps the only thing better would be to spend a month traveling the trains in Germany (on my list now for Oct, Jan or Feb).

I found a really good deal when just looking for things to do. Majorca to Panama. Since it is a re-stationing cruise the prices are really, really cheap (under $400 a person for 14+ days). It is even less than that since I have sailed with RCL before. I added up cheap airfares and I can do this for less than what I have coming in just from my retirement for the two weeks. The particular ship can be seen here.

Does this mean that I save money by traveling?

What it does mean is that I will get some sunshine, see a couple of islands in the Caribbean and then get to see Maus in New York before heading back to Germany. (I am also to convince George that he wants to do a transatlantic cruise/vacation with me as a way to get back to Europe. I think spending a week of just us would be splendid. Even if it would have to be on Cunard….)

Meanwhile, I have been vertical at least part of the day, put away a couple hundred more books and am contemplating seeing if I can find the floor in the bedroom in the morning. Excavating so to speak.

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