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Taking Care

May 15th, 2011 15 comments

Am I more fragile about this retirement than I thought? He is quietly taking care of me. Bringing me a cup of coffee, letting me sleep till 1100 yesterday and today. Ok, that one might have been related to travel and being obviously time zone whacked.

Last night handing me warm supper because he thought I needed it and bringing me breakfast this morning so that I should not skip the meal. Cleaning up the yarn and letting me nap. It feels like more than simply missing me; perhaps he is worried?

In any case – I really exhausted, barely managing to get some more of the red yarn skeined and washed so that I can get back to knitting the City Jacket/Sweater.

Tomorrow I am off to Munich for a conference and may not be back on line again till Thurs night when I will do a catch-up.

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