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Facades on Fifth

June 6th, 2011 9 comments

It was a pleasant walk from our hotel in the lower east side (Bowery 335 in case anyone cares) to B&H Camera. Not a small place and not carrying just cameras, the store had been recommended to me by a fellow camera addict in Monaco who I will forgive for attitude when he came to the conclusion that I had bette action photos with my Canon 7D than he did with his top of the line Nikon and 5 kg zoom macro lens. Could just be that I pushed the ISO settings in order to have faster shutter speeds. But I digress.

Walking into B&H I had to grin. Have not seen that many kippahs in one location outside of a Shul or the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. I think it is probably very similar to 47th ST Cameras, but I just didn’t feel like Brooklyn today (maybe Wednesday).

After spending a significant amount of time (and a bit more money than that) I will shortly be the owner of an extremely nice telephoto lens.

European Style

Unlike most US cities – New York retains a significant amount of its European ancestry. There are still districts where the majority of the stores are involved in the same industry. Kind of like walking through the Souks where first there is the hardware area, then the spice section and further down the line one finds fabrics, scarves and clothing.

NYC has the garment district among others. After walking in and out of a number of locations, I headed back south along Fifth Avenue. I don’t know that all that many people look up – but there are such interesting architectural details that I could not resist.

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