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I woke this morning flat on my stomach with the weight of the world pressing me flat into the mattress. No, wait – that was the pounding from the construction next door filtering through my dreams, causing me to burrow in a desperate attempt tp get away. Since it wasn’t a cat or child on my back creating the weight of doom I crawled out of bed in search of coffee in hopes that it would make up for staying up till all weird hours.

It was while attempting to walk to the kitchen that I realized crawling was a good description of my ambulation. As long as I didn’t try to stand up straight, bend over, tie shoes or otherwise move suddenly I was fine.

Taking a shower was not fine. Getting dressed was less than fine and driving a car bordered on the insane. Other than anti-inflamatories, I don’t keep much for pain meds in the house, preferring to be miserable or at least make everyone else that way. Oh, poor me. Not. Especially since I know that staying in bed only makes things worse, even if it is a way to read several books…..

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