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MSC Lirica

June 28th, 2011 6 comments

(aka no Tunis for us)

28 June 2011

The original reason that I signed up for this cruise – ok, one of three reasons not counting the fact that it was cheap and left from the right place on the right date – was that it would take us to Tunisia. Well, guess what? Since that time apparently NATO and their other bully allies decided that taking on Libya would just make their day. In the process, they undid mine.

While the Med might not be as large, let us say, as the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans – it is not a small body of water. One might expect that the sighting of other vessels to be a rare occurrence once the port area had been cleared. Sadly, this is not so. Mostly there are working ships busy on their way -fishing vessels, container-ships, pilot boats, ferries. Since cruising has become popular, one routinely sights the representatives of the various cruise lines that are making either the Western or Eastern loop for about seven days each.

We followed the Costa Concordia out of port last night and keep seeing it occasionally in the distance ahead of us. There had been a discussion about whether or not we could just sneak onto that ship (complete with luggage) and pretend that we had been there the entire time, but I digress.

We spend a significant amount of time actually in sight of one shore or another along the route. The daily guide notes when we will be passing where. Most of the day is spent within missile distance of land (oh, let us say Tunisia as an example).

I am ensconced on a lounger, Deck 8 at the stern. I knew these decks were there. Clearly visible in all the photos that show any portion of the rear of the ship, somehow their availability as places to hang out away from the crowds had not sunk through. As it turns out, it seems that they are not popular with the rest of the passengers either. In quiet shadow, the deck was blissfully lacking in loud noise, screaming children, giggling teenagers and sunbathers exposing flesh that would improve by being covered up.

Knitting, audio books – the day was fine with me although the three complained about boredom.

The following photo gallery is shots of different areas of the ship. Most were taken fairly early in the morning (prior to 0600) since I like to get photos uncluttered by lots of people. Your personal mileage may vary.

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