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Yes, you are right

October 2nd, 2011 27 comments

today marks 61 years. From the number of comments on other posts and in my email I figured not to wait till the end of the day to write since it seems that most of you remember from last year. Speaks to all of your great organizational skills.

I mentioned dinner last night, George took me to brunch today. The girls were most gracious with the Eldest finding me goodies and baking a small cake just for me; the Mole cleaned his room. Maus sent me email just after midnight.

I got a nice nap in the sun since we are having wonderful weather, did a bit of knitting and am listening to Howl’s Moving Castle.

And, if you want a bit of real fun – go read Mur Brewster’s comments on baking pies (as she has just survived another birthday).

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