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Stash Building

January 24th, 2012 1 comment

It is not like I needed more yarn and I showed you most of it the other day.

I had mentioned alpaca on cones that were my share of the treasures brought back from Bolivia to my friend Carmen. With the exception of the Paprika, these were all natural colors in light fingering weight. (I drooled over the other dyed cone which was a boucle. Alpaca Boucle? Then I thought of the many skeins of such I already have languishing in my stash. What would I do with it? Never mind, after fondling it for a while, I put it back in the box).

I had forgotten to mention this

lavendar merino lace

lavendar merino lace

or the rest of the merino lace which was on sale.
it was on sale, cheap

it was on sale, cheap

Now all I have to do is upload the pix to Ravelry. Somehow it always feels nicer to hit the “use yarn from stash” button when I start a project. Only thing is – I really shouldn’t be starting any new projects.

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