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A silly half meter

January 30th, 2012 3 comments

Or perhaps less.

Let me tell you the tale of a shawl. It started life as several balls of yarn purchased in the seconds/sales room at Schoppel when Nanawolf and I took a road trip. Everyone needs the occasional road trip and various balls of multi-color long repeat singles, plied and lace weight were just too good to pass up.

May 2010 rolls around and I take the Mole to head across the Atlantic, landing in NYC only to cruise back on the Costa Atlantica. Checking back, it looks like I still need to upload most of the pictures from that trip – I got as far as setting up the pages…

Given that the cruise was 14 days long with about 7 days total at sea left a lot of time for knitting. I started this shawl around the 12th from an Evelyn Clark pattern. I hadn’t done all that many shawls to that point and was trying to stick close to the directions.

Since then it has been languishing in my UFO pile. It is just not that thrilling. The colors are so not me, and the pattern has been lost. (for those of you on Ravelry – the project is here.) Yesterday I decided that enough was enough. I have other patterns that are close enough. Besides, it is only a 10 stitch repeat. Falling Leaf (also a Clark pattern) lined up perfectly and added a bit of interest. In fact, morphing from one shape to another is both knitting and visually interesting.

Any who – I picked it up yesterday and knit one motif section (about 12 rows as I remember). I looked at this huge ball of yarn and figured I could manage another repeat. So I did that. Finally – today I did the edging – 14 rows, then started the last two rows. All of a sudden that ball of yarn was getting smaller, quite rapidly as a matter of fact.

nearing the end

nearing the end

Still figuring that I was going to be ok – since I was sure that I had another ball of this stuff somewhere I knit the last row, and started the bind off.

Well, as you probably guessed it, I am short yarn. Not a whole lot, about six inches worth of stitches so say about 0.5 meters of yarn. That isn’t very much considering that the shawl measures 65 x 36 prior to blocking…

those last few stitches

those last few stitches

I just went through that particular bin of yarn again. There isn’t any more. Not white, not green. I may be able to steal some pink out of a different family in the same weight, but then there is the potential of the next project also being short.

One thing is certain, since I have an early train it is not going to get solved tonight.

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