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Soup of the Evening

March 4th, 2012 1 comment

Refreshing Red Pepper Soup

Take some sweet red peppers, split and toss out the seeds


chop them up, reserving a few rings or slices for garnish


with a wand or food processor

puree them in 500 ml of low fat buttermilk.

Add 1/2 tsp Chervil, dash of nutmeg and cumin to taste.

If you want to spice it up more, add in a few drops of chili oil or include some chopped hot pepper to the puree mix.


pour into dishes

and serve immediately. Otherwise refrigerate till ready to use.  You can also make this soup with yellow or orange pepper. Don’t bother with green pepper, as the combination of with buttermilk tastes nasty.

Total prep time? About five minutes, especially if you have a nice pitcher like I do so that you can make and serve in the same container. The less cleanup needed the happier I am

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Which yarn?

March 4th, 2012 9 comments

I told you which pattern? Right? Silver Belle – here on Ravelry. The Ravelry pictures are much better than the original Vogue picture. As Alison H and I were discussing – take a tiny model and drop on an XL. It might make for an arty photo or waif style but it doesn’t nothing for interest in the pattern or a clue on what the finished product will look like on the average body.

I went and shopped the stash – I have a red aran and four different Silky Tweeds (Rowans all) of which I have more than enough and no project to which they are committed.  Looking at everyone’s project pages, I actually like several of the tweedy sweaters more than the solids. They seem to have just a bit more life. Not sure that is going to be applicable with either the purple or smoky. But I could always surprise everyone and knit something in spinach, green or the whatever teally-blue that I found. I also have enough Lima in a neutral. I am leaving out the Red Rowan Aran I found – just decided that the color was not all that exciting.

without flash

with flash

I am giving you both pictures – the colors from right to left are Jazz, Inky, Lima, Smoky, Conifer. The Inky and Grey colors are closer to real life without the flash and the others with.

All opinions are welcome!

In other project updates – Radical Changes is done and blocking



the columns

the point

Then there is also Leif – which has the bottom portion, the waist, the front cross cable complete. I am starting up the right front, then will do the left before finishing with the back and hood so that there is a prayer of things matching side to side (not worrying about front and back).

the front

shows the initial split to the waist, the change from panels to waist cables and the start of the split for the front

the back

shows the bottom garter stitch edges, the paired cables in the back and the side reverse stockinette panels before it all goes into the waist shaping. The yarn is Brunswick Impression which I know I have had prior to moving to Muenchen (1999) knit on 12,00 mm needles triple stranded. It actually doesn’t knit all that quickly because I am altering the pattern as I go and it really hurts my hands.

In case you are wondering why I would post pictures of a present here prior to the particular birthday, I don’t think that Maus bothers to drop by…

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