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On her way

March 6th, 2012 4 comments

Miriam, AKA Maus

The last (and obviously youngest) of our four was born 19 years ago today in Washington DC. Like her older siblings, she showed up at a time that was most convenient to her. In kindness to her brother, she waited till the next day. That may well be the last time in her life that she let him go first.

Maus is a youngest, sure of herself and her place in the world. She has her own sense of art, fashion and design. She adores being at Pratt in NY and spends an incredible amount of time on studies and assignments. This is all good. I will arrive late this afternoon after yet another long, Lufthansa flight (this one Frankfurt to JFK) in time to hang out with friends of hers while she takes her 1700 Art History mid-term.

My load will be considerably lightened from dropping off birthday presents and “things she forget or couldn’t fit in her suitcase” when she headed back to school after winter break. I think she gets dinner out of the dorm tonight.

I will then head to South Ferry. I will be staying with friends of George’s/ours who live on Staten Island. Since I have not been there before, perhaps I can add it to my life list of places visited (sort of like a birder’s list). Do I place it as part of NYC? In the Island list? Or perhaps as its very own country?


Lufthansa Lounge, Terminal Z, Frankfurt Airport

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