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Made it to the ship

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Just in case you were wondering, we arrived in Singapore without problems. Costa had personnel at the airport who proceeded to round up everyone on their list, escort said people to the bus and ensure that all the baggage was loaded in the luggage container before driving us to the ship. Things did no go quite as smoothly at the cruise terminal. Apparently the contract personnel who got us to the terminal were not paid to make sure that we found the correct desk and those inside did not have enough sense to have someone outside watching for strays. It took a few minutes because of large numbers of milling crowds and lack of signage, but we managed. I suppose one could say that it did not help that there was a modern new cruise ship of the chinese variety loading at the same time.

The Classica is perhaps a true classic. Built in 1991, she looks like she was originally envisioned. Although she might have been considered a large and modern ship in her day, that day is long past. While it looks like there was an attempt to perform some updating and add new furnishing, the decades have not been kind. For those familiar with cruise ships, the open and airy central atrium is a newer concept. There are two sets of stairs and elevator, neither of which are more than fifty feet from the central lobby on deck five. This effectively means two sets of stairs, not four, and both toward the center of the ship. The assembly stations are on Deck 9 (of 12) with the life boats riding high on the ship and loading on Deck 9. Well, technically there are 12 Decks – Deck 3 has the Medical Station and some offices. Cabins are on Decks 4-7 (except for the 10 suites on Deck 10 which have the only balconies on the ship). The Dining Room, lounges and theater are on Deck 8. Deck 9 has shops, more lounges space, photo gallery and upper portions of the Theater. Deck 10 has those suites plus the buffet area. Deck 11 had the pool, outdoor area, fitness center and Spa. 12 has the upper walk area and a small crow’s nest lounge.

The staff is trying really hard. Unfortunately, it is obvious that many of them don’t have a clue. Or speak enough English/German/whatever to communicate with most of the passengers enough to be able to engage in problem solving. Not a staff issue from my point of view but a management failure.

The ship also smells rather strongly of tobacco. That bit made sense when we realized that smoking is allowed inside the ship on Deck 8 on the port side of one lounges. Since there is no door to isolate this area from the rest of the ship, it makes it all rather unpleasant.

The only pictures I had enough energy to take were of the Singapore Flyer and the Indoor Gardens.

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