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Spring Break – the young and the old(er)

March 16th, 2012

Spring break. According to the ships officers – this is about the best Spring break cruise they have had in a while. With over 1200 of their passengers aged 21 and below -there are obviously a huge number of short and young be people on on the cruise. Being one of those old crabby people, I am more than pleased with the fact that there has been less running in the halls and idiots on the elevators in this ship than on the second Canary round on the Jade.

You noticed that I mentioned how many of the passengers are young? Well, I have also had a chance to meet one of the oldest passengers on the ship. Frank, at age 89, is spending a lot of time cruising – he says this year it will be almost 200 days between various cruises and ship lines. Having now been retired for 42 years from the Army (yes, that Army), he discussed briefly being stationed in Stuttgart at the end of WWII. One of the things he now says he looks for is sea days. Since he has achieved his goal of visiting all continents by ship (which he managed prior to becoming a widower) mostly he enjoys the traveling and cruising but doesn’t have a lot of interest in doing a lot of walking in strange cities. Personally, I hope that I am as fit as this tall, slender man when I am his age as well as have all of my brains intact. Of course, if my brains are gone I’m not going to know it now, am I?

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