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Malacca Malaysia

April 12th, 2012 1 comment

last stop on the cruise.

And so we spent it exploring on our own. After getting off the tender we wandered for a short time, then decided to find both the historical ship museum and the Naval Museum. The ship is a replica of a Portuguese galleon. Wandering around in stocking feet in order to preserve the wooden decks. Inside the ship are a set of exhibits, models of ships, and old maps. The Portuguese influence is also obvious in the sidewalks

Next door in the Marine museum are a set of exhibits on diving, the local sea life and climate change.

We ended with a lovely lunch, cheap and full of flavor at a local eatery.

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Malakka, Malaysia

April 12th, 2012 5 comments

We dock tomorrow after two weeks of floating around on this “interesting” ship. Some of my opinions remain the same – the young people working on the ship in all the basic capacities are trying really hard. I don’t see that they have the management backup to be able to deliver quality service. Cost cutting measures mean that most of us are left with the feeling that nothing is quite right.

Port visit today was by tender.

The guy and I wandered through the recreated galleon and the Maritime Museum before heading across the street to the Royal Navy Museum.

Shall we just leave it at – the Portuguese are not beloved or well thought of? There are remnants of their presence in some of the names and the title sidewalks so reminiscent of Portugal and Brazil. There are obvious traces of years of British yoke – from the original chiefs of the Navy all being born in the UK (with a few having had a detour through Australian on their way to conquer these waters), to the common use of English in the face of Malay as a national language and ending with right hand drive cars.

We are sort of packed. I am not sure I am ready to leave this nice, warm area of the world in spite of the fact that everyone around me is complaining bitterly about 32-37C temperatures. Admittedly the humidity is high, but still the warmth is lovely.

Photos to follow when it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to upload!

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