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What time zone?

April 17th, 2012 6 comments

And where am I?

I am swimming under water, my brain completely fogged. Singapore to Germany on Saturday. Frankfurt to Miami today take it up to a total of 11hours time zone difference.

All I know is that I am really tired, not sure when I should be sleeping.

The good thing is that I actually managed to get packed, to the train station, to Frankfurt Airport on time followed by a long flight. The guy seated in front of me seemed to believe that if he kept pushing hard enough he could get the seat to lean back further. Since he was a normal size person I am happy to report that he was unsuccessful in his attempt to drop into my lap from his seat in the row ahead. Sometimes having an isle seat in the mid section is not all that bad an idea. No one likes those middle seats, so they are the last to fill. The one next to me was empty so I was able to have a bit more space than otherwise.

Dulles was the usual pain with a gate change from next door to where we arrived to the far end of the D terminal. Sitting around there I guess was my karmic balance from the lovely hours spent in the Lufthansa Business Lounges (travel status card, not seat on plane, trust me).

However my flight to Miami was great. The attached picture is of the shuttle which is being retired and added to the Smithsonian collection. By the time I figured out what I was looking at, we were moving and it was too late to pull out a decent camera, so you are stuck with the best I could get from my iPhone (cropped).

One each piggy-backed shuttle

The flight was less than 60% full and most of the people were either in business class or back in regular economy. I spent the flight talking to two of the cabin attendants and one of the senior maintenance guys who was deadheading home to Miami. He has been working at Dulles for the last couple of years and is now looking at another move – probably Texas this time.

I managed to rescue my luggage, get the LaQuinta shuttle and check in. I am going to let some $6.99 audiobook specials from Tantor download while I sleep…


Miami La Quinta

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