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Grandeur of the Seas

April 18th, 2012 3 comments

Yes, I have been here and done this before. You are not incorrect, but I will not claim that I am not confused.

The Itinerary, of course has now vanished from the websites since the ship departs today. Lets just say that I am departing from Miami and arriving in Malaga on the 1st.

Please believe me when I say that I am really not trying to whine all of the time, honest. It is just that the bad stuff is more interesting/funny than saying “once again it was a wonderful day with great companions, food and my life is perfect”…… and BTW I have a very nice high bridge in North Dakota that just really wants to belong to you!

The challenges I am facing today are relatively easy – I need to buy some aspirin, mail some packages and download few files.
The files are the easiest – it is just taking forever as they are not small. The mailing turns out to be a bit more of a challenge. There is no longer a post office at the Miami airport and there is none near. I then went looking for UPS stores. Turns out there is one about four blocks from the RCI terminal (oh, duh. UPS at a major cruise terminal? Why am I not surprised that there would be a mailing location there?
What is remaining is to hit a drug store and stock up on some basics before catching the 1000 shuttle to the port. Never mind you can’t check in till 1400. I have books, book reader, knitting, camera, iPod. Oh, yes and that run to the UPS store…

underway later today.
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