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What are the odds?

April 19th, 2012 7 comments

There I was yesterday, standing in the lobby of LaQuinta checking to make sure that I was on the list for the Port of Miami Shuttle.

No, I don’t see my name on the list.

The young man at the desk asks for my name and I spell it.

Standing next to the desk is a young woman checking out on her way to the airport. Oh, she says, that is my middle name, it came from my mom.

We talk for a minute and she tells me she thinks it is of Russian/Romanian origin. That is interesting is my reply because usually most people think it is an Irish name.

Not in our family she says. I have it because my mom is one of four girls.

I look at her – Is your mother Carla?

Total stunned silence. I explain that I have met her aunt Margo (she has two sons) in Australia in 2010 and Karen (no children) back before we left DC in 1993. Met her grandparents as well but that was back in 1972.  Diane is in Chicago (no children) which means that she must be from the Austin branch of the family!

Rebecca is coming off break and on her way back to Vet School. I happily gave her emails and contact information for a few more cousins then waved as she boarded the shuttle for the airport.

So see – if I hadn’t scheduled this cruise I never would have found more one distant member of the family. At least that is my story.

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