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Music in the Afternoon

April 26th, 2012 4 comments
Rosario Duo

Rosario Duo

From 1-4 every afternoon there is music in the atrium.

The Rosario Duo were my main source on afternoon entertainment last fall on those rainy afternoons when I would sit, knit and enjoy the music. On that voyage there were a few people the first afternoon, double that the second and by the third day it was standing room only. Those people who were rude enough to make noise/talk/or otherwise act as if the music was not important were rapidly shushed by those around them.

I have enjoyed watching the same thing happen this cruise. The first day we were at sea I hurried down to the Atrium. Over the next hour all the chairs filled up on our side of lobby. By the time they were into their second set there are people listening from the floor above as well as hanging out at the railings on the upper floors.

The two young men (well they are quite a bit younger than me) are from the Philippines. One places the guitar and the other the violin. The guitar is an acoustic style with an amp, the violin is an electric Yamaha. The music ranges from classics through show tunes to popular medleys.


and on the guitar


On other afternoons the music is provided by an Argentinian classical guitarist. Not only does he play classics, but a number of compositions of his own. Several of these are on the border between traditional classical and jazz. With flawless technique, the music is both absorbing and interesting.


Daniel’s website is

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