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Last at Sea Day

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Still alive and well.

We have had rough seas for the last couple of days so the ship has had a passenger mix of green gills and way too smug. The knitting group got together for the last time and I took the obligatory photo but am not uploading anything till I have much cheaper connection charges.

Cherie and I got organized enough to sort out clothes, see if things would really fit in our suitcases and wonder about baggage limits. Me? I don’t think I am going to have an issue, I was far enough under to not worry plus I am on a direct United flight. Cherie is on Air Lingus and it looks like you get the standard 23kg free bag from an overseas flight.

Tomorrow is Brest, France where I can walk around the town, stretch my legs, look at closed places then come back to the ship to meet with UK immigration authorities. It seems like they come on the ship in France and look at everyone’s credentials. That way if you are not acceptable to get off in the UK you can be left behind in France. Now I have no clue as to the EU opinion on such things, but hey, I am not in charge. Now if the UK doesn’t want you and the EU says no – exactly what do they do with you?

Meanwhile, Tango Argentina is alive and well as an evening performance piece and excellently done.

Pictures, of course, to follow!

Cabin 7002, Jewel OTS

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