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Packing up again

May 28th, 2012 4 comments

I guess I have a whole lot shorter fuse than I want to admit most days.

We are checking out today. George is heading back to Germany, Noah and I are taking a train tonight. Amtrak to Portland then changing trains tomorrow afternoon and heading to Sandpoint Idaho. Why and what is going on, I will explain later.

Meanwhile, we have been here more than a few days and it meant getting organized and packed up. Normally I can get myself together and out the door in fairly short order. The most difficult part of packing from home is figuring out what yarn and which patterns to take. Here at La Quinta it turned out to be finding my running shoes (dumped in a drawer the first day we arrived and keeping the rest of the family off my back long enough to get organized.

There is free WiFi. This meant that my phone promptly wanted to do an update when I plugged it in to the computer for charging. I am madly trying to check on availability of a baggage room at the Emeryville Amtrak station. Meanwhile my husband is trying to head out the door with my suitcase and I am not sure that I have everything packed. Never mind that it is an hour before he needs to leave for the airport. Never mind he is usually the last minute person.

I yelled. In fact I came pretty close to completely losing it.

Now that he is taking a nap I can admit that I am not quite as organized as I thought.

Just as soon as I find the stateside cell phone……

Berkeley, California

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