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A dashing adventure

May 3rd, 2012

This time I am am not traveling alone. My good friend Chere (who has known me since ~ 1994) and I are meeting in Miami and spending about 12 days at sea just relaxing. As you can see – this is a more northern route than the last cruise and I expect actually that the seas may be a bit rougher.

My actually adventure started yesterday in Frankfurt when, just after the gate closed for the direct Miami flight, it was announced there was a delay for the Dusseldorf flight. Due to rain, they were going to be at least 30 minutes late in arriving. For some reason (probably to save several hundred Euros),I had a connection through that lovely city. At this point there other options, should this fail were limited: Newark with a switch to United or United to Dulles with an early in the morning Flight to Miami.

The gate agent in Frankfurt talked to the gate agent in Dusseldorf who reassured her(!) that the flight was on time to the US. She had not been aware that they had connectors. Only three of us as it turned out. The flight is leaving from D at 1215. It is now 1045 in Frankfurt and we are boarding. Ten minutes later we still haven’t pulled back because some idiot UK Mum doesn’t want to understand that having a toddler on her lap doesn’t allow her to grab an additional seat or three for her stuff – on an overbooked flight no less…..

We finally get off and get to enjoy an extremely turbulent flight before bumbing to ground in Dusseldorf. It is 1145 when the door opens on the plane. Thank goodness that the young man who also has to make a connection is tall, strong and starts to bully his way off the plane with appologies. His girlfriend and I fall in behind. Did I mention that we are over half way back on the plane and there are the usual idiots in Business who just have to stand in the isle to button their coats?

Hitting the gangway at a dead run, we blast out, around the corner and pelt down to Gate A77. It is not all that far, afterall Dusseldorf is a small airport. The young man at Passcontrol looks at my passport and starts flipping through. I show him the last exit visit, my entry into the US and mention that Tenerif didn’t do passports or customs. He shakes his head with a smile, stamps me and I am now dashing toward the gate where they are well into the boarding procedure with the two young people hot on my heels.

Finding my seat way in the back, I am grateful to find that there is no one else in my three seat center section. I am able to stretch out for most of the flight to enjoy my well earned migraine.

Arriving in Miami? Easy compared to that insanity and my brand new suitcase – light weight, gorgeous paprika color? It made the flight!

Itinerary and ship pix tomorrow……

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  1. May 3rd, 2012 at 15:24 | #1

    But weren’t you just in Miami?

  2. Mary
    May 4th, 2012 at 12:53 | #2

    Have a super time! You certainly deserve it after the frantic race to catch the flight. I’m sorry it resulted in a migraine….

    Perhaps I’m stating the obvious, but wouldn’t it be easier to get a cruise back as a sort of round trip than have to fly one way to get back to where you departed only a few days/weeks before?? Probably a stupid comment from me but….

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