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St John, NB

September 10th, 2012

Just to mention it, but 2012 seems to be following the pattern George and I had established for years. His birthday, our anniversary, my birthday – we are in different cities, different countries and often on different continents.   Today it is 67F in New Brunswick. It was in the 90s in Minnesota that fine Sunday afternoon in 1978 that we were married.  Today, it isn’t flowers, just love and greetings sent by email from different cities, countries, continents. I am not going to count up the number of years that this has happened, just grateful that it is travel for fun – rather than a deployment to Afghanistan that is causing the challenge.

I am sorry he is not here in Canada, but still – I love ships and I really think he likes his job just a bit better than cruising!

St John itself has an interesting history. To hear the guides tell it, the area was “discovered in the 1640s.” Then of course there were first the French who turned it over to the British as part of the settlement of the British-French wars. Then there were the Patriots who moved north (about 70k of them) after the US Independence. Then about 31k of Irish were imported since they needed someone to do the work.

I headed out of town on a short rail journey to see the river empty into the Bay of Fundy. Since the tide level change is about 28′ there is flow back up the river for several miles during high tide creating a very interesting marine environment (including seals having a nice snack on the fish stupid enough to be washed up river into the fresh water).  The area is called the reversing falls.

Wandering a bit around the city as well to the Jewish Museum (community once 300+ families and thriving, now down to about 30), the New Brunswick Museum and a yarn shop (where I bought….. nothing!) prior to heading back to the ship. Pictures are not yet downloaded – so I will post them on line tomorrow.

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    Happy birthday anniversary birthday!

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