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US reader? Go vote tomorrow

November 5th, 2012
The trouble with believing in democracy is that you have to accept that other people have as much right to their opinions as you do. That means that I need to remind the slightly more than half of you who are US citizens/passport holders to go out and vote tomorrow. Even if I don’t agree with how you are going to vote (which also means that you are not likely going to agree with me …….)
But voting is important. Especially if you live on the US West Coast, it is important. Yes, the presidential race might be a foregone conclusion by the time you are off work and can head to the polls. So what! Even more critical for your daily life are those state, regional and local elections which just also happen to be on the ballot the same day. Get prepared – read any amendments ahead of time. I guarantee the wording which will confront you in the polling both only makes sense to the idiot [lawyers] who wrote it.
Military? Vote locally or in your home state, I don’t care. But vote even if it takes bit more effort.
Me? I firmly believe that failure to vote removes your right to complain. Absentee ballots for all household expats went in by mail last month. That gives me griping rights till the next election…..
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  1. November 5th, 2012 at 19:05 | #1

    I usually work on Tuesdays so I like the in-person early voting, though it still uses a touch screen like the regular polls.

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