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January 7th, 2013

Reading is always a wonderful alternative to “accomplishing” anything around this house especially when it seems that anything done just winds up needing redoing. Dishes seem to generate spontaneously and we all know what socks do in the dark. On those sort of days sitting with a book in hard eliminates just about anything else.

No multi-tasking: not cleaning, laundry or knitting. Just curling up under a comforter with the book.

Besides half a dozen eBook freebies garnered from Barnes & Noble and Amazon I have had a pile from the library. Your mileage may very

1) Dark Storm – Christine Feehan. Oh, ho hum. Here we go again – another Carpathian – this one buried in a South American Volcano for centuries with his requisite vampire opponent. Then there is the love interest always centuries younger. I view these books kind of like train wrecks – how many different ways can the same plot crash, over and over and over? Nothing really new here – give it a pass

2) The Long Earth – Prattchet and Baxter. A totally different look at the future as well as different from either author alone. The writing feels occasionally rough (styles probably not blending as well as they might want). It took me a while to get into it, but was worth the time and read.

3) Existence – David Brin. In a future of complete and total tracking, exposure, public, social and government observation the question becomes – who else is watching us. Interesting characters and a plot that weaves together multiple threads seamlessly. I don’t like this future but it is fascinating reading.

4) Return to Willow Lake. Susan Wiggs. Yet along book in the Lakeshore Chronicles. Her characters are growing up, some more so than others. Overall rather superficial but love conquers all. I’d classify it as a beach read (if you lose the book while at the beach you can mentally write the ending by about page 50).

5) When Elves Attach – Tim Dorsey. If you don’t like his insane characters, drugs, mayhem and total disregard for societal norms you won’t like this book.

6) A Wanted Man – a Jack Reacher novel. Lee Child. Well written up a little too pat. I have to admit I am starting to wonder about how long Reacher can go without growing up, getting a job or landing permanently in prison. Takes me back to the question of how long a series (this is #17) before either boredom, repetition or skepticism sets in.

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