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Hats and Flowers

Somewhere in the back of my mind keeps running this little phrase of “hearts and flowers…”

Oh, wait – I remember, it was an expression of sympathy – Hearts and Flowers on a miniature violin accompanied by a small circular motion of the index finger above the thumb like you were playing a bow.

Given that we have Google – I went looking. Sure enough there is such a thing. The original piece (according to Wikipedia) was composed in 1893 and became associated with silent movies. The connotation was then made through usage to the melodramatic, sentimental, and tragic with cloying overtones.

If you don’t believe me – listen to this YouTube clip. If you want a bit more humor – you can always enjoy this clip.

Of course, all of this is a distraction from reality. Hats –

and flowers – added to the front because the dirt just looked boring.

perennials to liven up the place

perennials to liven up the place

Me? I would have just planted grass or waited for the weeds to come up but George really wanted some color. I think Germany has infiltrated his brain….

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  1. May 12th, 2013 at 16:14 | #1

    That hitchhat pattern looks cool. Love your color choices. On Ravelry, I presume?

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