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Seven Pair +Flippers

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Seven Pair +Flippers


(with apologies to Margo, Shana, Miriam and anyone else who is in love with shoes).


As you probably can figure out, I don’t get shoes. I have commented on this more than once. Shoes to me are something that you put on your feet to prevent the soles from being destroyed by the earth/artifical surface upon which you are walking. Or running, jogging, biking or something else completely beyond my ken. They are foot covers and protectors. I don’t see any reason to wear anything that would make me unbalanced or make me hurt. Not toes, heels or back – I am not into pain for the sake of a pretty looking bit of leather/fabric or artificial whatever on my feet.


So here I am, on the road since 6 Sept. I have my jogging shoes which I also wear when desperate or on long distance transports. I have my keens which have become not just my water shoes but my wear everywhere pair. A pair of Clark’s black wedges function as casual to formal footwear and a pair of flip-flops round out what I might need. In reality, I could have forgone the flip-flops, but they were purchased in Florida last year (or was it the year before) and pre-date the Keens.


I noticed this pile of shoes that someone else had brought, then counted them. None were particularly spiky or unreasonable. There were just a lot of them. Several different colored sandal pairs, exercise shoes, flip-flops, skids. Of course, that doesn’t count the swim-fins.


I managed to locate and order a new pair of Keens which will be waiting for me in Florida, so I can toss these prior to heading home. The same for my Clarks – they are starting to fray and chew my toes. That leaves me wearing the running shoes and packing the flip-flops.


I was feeling more than smug as every little bit helps heading home. I have managed to off-load a lot of yarn, but all these lovely friends kept adding things back and still have to deal with knowledge that knitting mags are heavy. But none of these relates to the original topic.


Or that eighth pair of shoes that I just noted sitting under someone’s chair……


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  1. December 9th, 2013 at 07:24 | #1

    I am, of course, not in love with shoes but I refuse to go anywhere without some form of rear paw covering. What puzzles me is why any human would actually want to wear anything that is so obviously uncomfortable and even, dare I say, dangerous? My shoe life has improved with the availability of a certain German brand in this country. Long may it stay that way!

  2. Ruth
    December 9th, 2013 at 21:04 | #2

    Lol…not a huge shoe person myself, so I has to go Google Keens. Glad you’re still having fun out there.

  3. Bev Tilson
    December 10th, 2013 at 00:12 | #3

    I loved reading your post about shoes.!!!! I will have to keep mine limited to 3 pairs beacause of the weight next year when I travel

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