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White Sands

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This is paradise, or could be minus the 400+ screaming children who all seemed determined to scare off every fish within several km of the beach.


Tendering into Isle of Pines, extensive areas of white sand beaches were easily visible to both the left and right of the pier. We clambered out and hiked first up to the local “Botique/Atelier” which featured a few locally made things, postcards and other tourist items to buy. Took the opportunity to buy postcards (hey, I was there…)


From there, Margo and I followed the directions she had obtained from various reviews and internet sources. We found a comfortable place in the shade to drop our gear and head into the water. Over the next hour, I enjoyed snorkeling around over areas of sea grass interspersed with sandy areas. There was minimal coral and only a few fish. The fish are not bright, but even they figured out that shrieking and splashing denoted areas to avoid. I have no idea what the major it fish were. They appeared about hand size, fairly oval in shape, thin in thickness, grey in color with a couple of dark grayish-black dots along the side. Oh, and their tails looked split. Swimming in a school, I came face to eye with them a couple of times before they vacated the area for quieter parts.


But the sand was lovely and white, the water crystal clear. My goggles (-3.0 diopters) let me see clearly, it was wonderful. From a density of a couple of dozen on the beach, there were hundreds by the time we moved on. Strolling around the rest of the area  – a few merchants, a lot of local food stands and hot food local items. Since the island population is only about 2k, adding in the ship effectively more than doubled the population. A couple of ships a week right now is the norm.


Wandered back to the ship for a nice lunch of vegetarian wrap and asian noodle salad then washed off all the salt followed by card making, coffee and a lot of chat. Spending the evening relaxing.

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