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Arica, Chile

The footpath to the pro entry over looking Arica reminds me of the snake path climbing Masada. Hairpins back and forth and visible from above at all times. In this case he way up starts at a shrine to the virgin open 0900-1700. I started this note partway to the summit. Allegedly so that my thought would not leave for the ocean with the sea breeze. More realistically to give myself a break from the climb. Other than the stairs on the ship, all of the exercise I have been doing has been on level, either without significant resistance or elevation and I feel it is catching up to me

The sun is beating down and it is only just after nine. The view from above is good. Not only is the ship and working port clearly in view but the town is laid out clearly. From colonial buildings to modern there is quite a variety. It is obviously a working city with a definite center shopping district complete with sidewalk vendors and a pedestrian zone.

I quickly checked out the military museum which was small. The maritime museum off the old quarter was essentially a collection of shells along with a couple of mounted sea creatures ( no mermaids or other fantasy critters).

On a side street I found an open air market with an exhibit on the town history from the Franciscan Monks through pirates to modern day told in paintings and new paper displays. The ” no photos here” sign was pretty clear so I behaved myself. Continuing to wander, I wound up spending a number of hours while buying nothing. Internet, extremely slow was available in a couple of caf├ęs while the Internet cafes had neither drops nor wifi. All of which obviously make updating you or anyone else a real challenge.

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  1. March 24th, 2014 at 01:41 | #1

    I do so enjoy reading about your travels and pouring over your photos. Fascinating. Have you come across many of those “no photos here” signs? What would be the purpose behind having them in places other than houses of worship?

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