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Smug is not a good look

There I was, walking back toward the ship congratulating myself on the wisdom of having spent money on a good umbrella which I have been using for the the cruise rather than a one time easy purchase of a cab ride back whenever. Of course, if I had taken the cab at that port I would have been earlier back to the ship and missed a lovely lunch so there is nothing in getting early that would have been a benefit. (There is also the fact that the ship has provided umbrellas, but why should reality get in the way of my mood?)


Leaving the restaurant, I had not gone more than a few blocks when the rain started again. Taking out my umbrella and stripping off the cover I popped it open. Walking along I managed to stay dry while those around me were ducking, cursing and running to avoid getting soaked.  As the rain stopped, I figured it was time to put the umbrella away. At which point it promptly turned inside out, showering me with accumulated water and refusing to fold back down.


So much for being cocksure prior to arriving bak at the ship.

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