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What’s in a name?

September 29th, 2015

We had barely taken off yesterday when the line of men headed for the toilets started. Unlike on a weekend, business class was over 60% obvious middle aged men on their way to/from important meetings. The rest of the seats re filled with an assortment of elderly women, super cool looking dudes, well fed couples + me. Notice that I did not mention children? Child free is always good when heading east and wishing to sleep.

This plane is name “Beijing”. Why? Asking, I received a lovely informative spiel from the cabin steward. It seems that when the Airbus 380’s went into service they started naming them for the distant cities they connected with Frankfurt and München. Tokyo, Beijing, Johannesburg etc.

Sleep, wake, catch a train. It happened to be the Basel train running late so that I didn’t have to wait another 35 minutes for the one I had booked. Changing in Mannheim, I was home in reasonable order in time to empty the mailbox and get some serious sleep.

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